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So I have to appologize, really I do

Brothers Gardening
our two sons getting the leek patch ready in january

I had hoped that at this point in the growing season I’d be sharing countless photos of trays upon trays of sprouting tomato plants, beans, squashes, corn, carrots and everything else we usually get going at this time of year. Every year Scott takes this last week of March off to start his veggies and till the soil. And we’d hope to have shown these carrot seedlings that we are trying this year called “Purple Haze” which I can only imagine would inspire us to wear flowers in our hair and don a tie dye shirt. But alas, I have nothing to show you.

Blame it on our kids maybe, or the fact that we need to go buy a new seedling tray, or our laziness, but really it isn’t any of those things. It’s the side fence that has been literally falling apart for over a year. We are finally having to replace the old thing. So these beautiful, warm sunny spring days that are perfect for planting have been given over to sawing, hammering, and post hole digging.

Well, it will be a late garden this year, but we will have one. Very soon I’ll be showing you our Purple Haze sprouts for our growing challenge. But until then, at least we get a few more raised beds from disgarded fencing material. And Scott has found a moment while the concrete was drying to thin the radishes and plant the yukon gold potatoes. So not all is lost.

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