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too much stuff

Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008
So much stuff. It seems like every month I collect at least a bag or two of ‘stuff’ from our house to give to donation. Where does this stuff come from? Honestly now. It seems as though our house should be empty at the rate I get rid of things. Do I really bring all this stuff in? According to my recent credit card bill, I must.

After getting that bill, seeing this amazing video called the Story of Stuff and living a short but simple bit of life up at Sea Ranch, I feel really enthusiastic to join Crunchy Chicken’s Buy Nothing Challenge. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be tough for sure. With a tax refund burning a whole in my checking account and this beautiful spring weather, I’m craving some new patio furniture. But I’m going to try. And my first plan of action was to transfer that refund money into our saving account so I can’t touch it….well, easily that is. Wish me luck!

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