a package of plants

a package for us
We’ve never ordered plants before through the mail, so we thought we’d give it a try this year. We received a catalog from Territorial for the first time this winter and we thought, oh, what a nice little small, Oregon-based nursery. Only after ordering did we learn that it’s a Monsanto company. Hmm, maybe this will be our last year ordering from them. Anyway, our package arrived last Thursday. And this was what was inside:
three tomatoes and three peppers
The three peppers looked like they were in good shape, but the San Marzano tomatoes (which we like for sauces) were all long and scraggly and tired looking. Even after being repotted and carefully attended too, one looks like it may die and the others are still leaning down to the ground. We think this may be the first and last time for mail ordered tomatoes. We should have held out for Tomatomania that’s being held in town this weekend.


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3 responses to “a package of plants

  1. Ohhhh Tomatomainia looks like fun!!! Thanks for posting. I live in Santa Rosa. I think I am going to have to make a trip over to Sonoma this weekend.

  2. Man! Is nothing safe from Monsanto?

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