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who we really are.

Mabel & Pearl
So we have hens, four of them. I haven’t told you about them before, have I? We got them last July. We have always wanted to have some, but you know how it goes, you buy a house, get a couple of cats, have a couple of kids and then all of a sudden your dream for having chickens just seems like yet one more responsibility. But after a handful of hard learned reminders that life is short last year, Scott woke up one morning, went outside and built us a chicken coop and about a week later we had a box full of chicks to call our own.

When I told a friend that we now had chickens he thought that sounded pretty ‘yee-haw’ of us. You know, country bumpkin. I had never thought of it that way. Being a visual person, I always thought a life with a handful of chickens sounded romantic: a lovely little garden with blooming fruit trees, a quaint farmhouse and a few chickens roaming around. That’s how I’ve always thought of our ventures out into gardening, canning, and overall eating off the land. But now as I start this blog and I’m meeting people via blogland who I’ve never met face to face, I wonder how other people view all our talk of gardening. Are people seeing us ‘yee-haw’ country bumpkins? Crazy environmental idealists? Or two people who love good food searching for a grounded, authentic life? Which is what we are.

We first talked of having chickens almost seven years ago, on one of our first dates sitting on my front porch in San Anselmo. I think that conversation pretty much sealed the deal that we were meant for each other. Not because we both really wanted chickens, although, obviously we did, but because chickens defined a sort of life that we were both seeking. A simple, real life with occasional indulgent splurges. For a dot-com techie and a designer living in an area not really known for it’s chickens, to have found each other was pretty lucky. After many years of working towards the dream, we are pretty close to having what we set out for. And now we also get four eggs a day on top of it all. Like a cherry on the sunday.


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speckled trout lettuce

speckled trout
Speckled Trout Lettuce, so beautiful.

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