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Taste this!

A couple of days ago one of my favorite blogs to read, Compostings, wrote about Mark Bittman’s talk at TED and that made me think back to when I went to the Taste3 conference a few years ago. Taste3 is based on TED but is geared to Food, Wine and Art. Three of my favorite topics. The conference was put together by former employeer which is how I was able to go, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. I left so inspired, from listening to Dan Barber to watching Pilobolus to sitting down to lunch with Katrina Markoff, my creative fires were burning. Although it just took place, you can see past videos right here on your computer. If you have a moment and want to be inspired, click over to here.

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oh, cauliflower, you’re so dreamy!

Dreamy Cauliflower
Whoever thought that cauliflower could look so dreamy?
We spotted the start of a head this morning.
Dreamy Cauliflower
Hey, is that bug in there I see?


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