Daily Archives: May 26, 2008

sore and achey with broccoli

Happy Memorial Day! I write to you all achey, sunburned, sore, calloused and hands full of splinters. I’ve been digging this weekend. Digging post holes for a new fence to go behind my flower garden and in front of the veggies. Post hole digging is a lot of work! Especially in clay soil. But this fence is something I’ve been talking about for years now and I decided this weekend that I was finally going to do something about it. For now it looks like a big mess, but soon I will post pictures of all its hoped for glory.

Last night after hours of digging I picked up a gardening book and read a little blurb that said that 45 minutes of gardening will burn 200-300 calories. I suppose they included that to make you feel better about all that work you just did, but I quickly exclaimed, “That’s it?” That doesn’t even cover the brownie I ate as a mid-dig snack. I think post hole digging really must burn much more than that, don’t you agree?

I plan to post soon with more garden updates and a book review for the Bookworm Challenge, but for now I’ll share a picture of broccoli which we picked a bunch of this weekend. I’ll be back once I let my body rest a bit. I hope you all are having a great long weekend!


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