my house is gone

Cherry Revel Bars
Oh my dear blogging friends, my dream house sold yesterday. I knew it would happen someday, but I was hoping beforehand that the 1.3 million dollars I’d need to buy it would magically appear in my lap. Alas, it didn’t, so someone else will get to enjoy my little piece of paradise.

It’s a good thing I lost the recipe for these cherry revel bars that I made last week with the last of our cherries. Because if I had them, I’d pull out the frozen cherries and make it all over again and eat away my disappointment. See? It’s cookies like this that mess up my ‘eat mostly plants‘ philosophy. Because all I want to do is ‘eat mostly cookies.’

Melinda has a great post on 10 Steps to Living Locally today. Check it out if you have a moment.


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3 responses to “my house is gone

  1. Hey, thanks for sending your readers to my post! I’m sorry the house is gone. : ( But other good things will come your way in the future, I’m sure. If you continue to have this beautiful dream of a house and CSA in the country (which does sound lovely), do make sure you are not adjacent to a vineyard, unless it’s organic! We learned the hard way…

  2. yes, sorry to hear it ws not to be…perhaps that means an evenmore perfect home is out there…and now SPring 2009 the prices are probably better. A CSA is alot of work too….good, honest work, but work hard to do with young children. How did Ma Ingalls do it?

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