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The Left Side

Winter Squash
It’s been a good long while since I’ve done a complete overall look at the garden, so let’s do it! Like before, I’ll start with the left side. This poor left side is in a bad state of transition. It’s going from it’s beautiful spring bounty to a sad state of waiting for the winter squash and peppers to grow in. But grow in they will and soon it will look just as lush as the rest of the yard. The broccoli, romanesco broccoli, peas, cilantro, and radiccio are all gone and have been replaced by peppers.
Left Side
and more peppers.
We’re going to have a serious pepper profusion soon, because these are only a fraction of a our pepper crop this year. Watch out!
We’ve also put in some winter squash and as you can tell, I’m slightly in love with photographing this Potimarron squash plant. It’s just so lovely growing against our ‘weedy’ amaranth.
Winter Squash
And it’s such a beautiful and tasty squash. I love to have winter squash all around the house in autumn and bake them up into our dinners.
Winter Squash
We’re also trying a new winter squash called Buttercup. I’ll keep you informed as to how the come along.
As with every year in our tomato growing, Scott always says, “we’re only growing four this year” and each year we end up with….oh, how many do we have this year? Right around 11 or 12. We’ve tried to grow all sorts of things in this spot and they’ve all died, but so far these tomatoes seem happy.
That’s about it for the left side. We’ll move on over to the center plot next!


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