The Right Side

Red White and Blue
Hi Friends, how was your fourth? Ours was festive and fun and spent with dear friends. We spent time down at our hometown parade and came back and had a wonderful non traditional all veggie meal followed by a completely all american favorite dessert of smores. We wrapped it up by watching our town’s fireworks through our tree filtered view in our bedroom. It was a great day.

And it kept me busy, too busy to wrap up the rest of the garden tour, so let’s get that done, shall we? The section we have left is the right side and here’s where it was back in April.
We have a lot of onions in this section. Some are flowering with their long twisty, turny stems.
And others are pulled and left to dry out in the sun.
Basil and Peppers
This bed contains peppers, three types of basil and two eggplants. We’ve been trying our hand at eggplant parmesean and sneaking in pesto into all sorts of dinners. The peppers are far from ripe yet, but they are growing indeed.
Purple Basil
We’ve also got watermelons growing too! Our first successful year at it. Apparently they need a pollenator, so we planted two varieties together, Ali Baba and Sugar Baby, and it seems to have worked. They are growing like crazy:

Thanks for taking a walk with me through the yard!


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8 responses to “The Right Side

  1. Our 4th was quiet – had a few under-the-weather children. Your garden is lovely. Truly. It’s such a joy to see some fruit of your labor without the bugs or viruses getting to it! My raised beds are coming along. I learn as I go. Can you recommend an organic or natural way of repelling bugs, etc? I’ve tried some things in the past with some success.

  2. asonomagarden

    Hi Ellen, We actually had both the kids feeling under the weather at various points of the weekend too. But luckily they didn’t last long. About the bugs, there’s a few different things we’ve tried, and I think I’ve got those down in the category ‘bad bugs’. Do you have a specific bug problem?

  3. Katie F.

    I love your garden! Thank you so much for the tour.

    I had a question about your watermelons and you mentioning that it needs a pollinator…does that have to be two different types of watermelon? I ask because I have sugar baby growing in my garden (no where near as big as yours…*sniff*) but that’s it. I have 4 sugar baby plants growing now. is this in vain? (sorry, I’m a total newbie in the garden this year).



  4. asonomagarden

    Hi Katie, You know that’s a good question. Let us go back to where we originally found that info and reread it. I’ll get back to you, okay?

  5. Katie F.

    sure. i’ll search around for that too. thanks!

    is ali baba another small-variety watermelon?


  6. Your garden is gorgous but the top photo is the cutest of them all. I admit I stared in awe at your pepper plants. Mine are orphans in comparison. Maybe it’s that they’re a different variety, don’t get as much sun or the fact they’re in pots. I don’t know, but I’m not going to tell them they are small because as far as they know they’re stocky giants. And the serranos, padron’s and bulgarian banana’s all have fruit. The real test will be if they have heat too. Thanks for the garden tours. They’re inspiring.

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