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One of the fringe benefits

Searching for nectarines
One of the fringe benefits of having a garden is that our boys all of a sudden start eating endless amounts of fruits and vegetables. As I’ve mentioned before, I spend a good part of late autumn through winter worrying about how my sons don’t eat an ounce of vegetables, but at this time of year, foraging for them becomes their favorite pass time.
Berry Picking
They beg me to pull carrots so they can munch on them (tops in tack of course, what’s up doc?), cucumbers cut straight from the vine suddenly becomes a desireable snack and a fresh picked eggplant looks good enough for a big bite (that was almost immediately spit out by the way). Its a welcome change and I let them have at it all they want because I know soon enough, once this garden is dried up and winter takes hold, it’s going to be a good long time before they ever let anything grean or orange pass their lips again.
Reaching for Plums

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