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Cilantro Flowers
Cilantro Flowers

I don’t have much time to post in forums, but when I do, I head straight over to the Mothering forums. I’m usually in the Digging in the Earth section and I’m SonomaMom, if you happen to frequent there too.
I really like the Mothering forums because it’s filled with women who also value the similar things I do and there aren’t any big cliques or overly judgmental posters as you find on some forums.

Recently a few moms shared their gardening blogs with me and I wanted to share them with you too. Its always wonderful to read about what other folks are up to.

Where else do you guys hang out on the web?


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10 responses to “Links to all you Mothers

  1. I knew I liked you from the first time I read your blog, but this just solidified it=) I love going to the Mothering forum, and though I don’t have an account there, I like to go on and read what others have to say. I also love getting the magazine as well. I am very fortunate to live in a town where there is a big and supportive natural parenting community. But it is also nice to get a magazine that encourages me in my parenting choices. Thanks for the links to other blogs!

  2. asonomagarden

    Hi Gardenmama, You are lucky that you live in such a nice community. Here in Sonoma there are a lot of ‘natural’ parents too, but since I spend more time cooped up at home, I like checking out the Mothering forums.

  3. I’m not a mother but I do appreciate fun gardening blogs. Thanks for posting this list! If you ever happen upon any Sonoma County garden bloggers please share 🙂 I wish I could find more local garden blogs to read. BTW my cherry plums are almost ripe enough to make some jam. I can’t wait!!!

  4. Amy

    *waves* I just now connected you are the same person who posted on my personal blog and who posts on MDC…I’m slow! Hi!!

  5. I feel so honored 🙂

  6. Rodriguez

    Surfing the net–blogs. Nice !!!

  7. hey! Thanks for the link 🙂 I ♥ blog surfing, in particular gardening blogs!

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  9. I also love to create spaces for mothers to connect. A few months ago I created “Sono-Ma: sharing the art of mothering in sonoma county.” Of course we posted a link to this amazing blog on our link list!

    Let’s keep bringing moms together! We need each other for inspiration, ideas, and support. Thanks!

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