Up to our eyeballs in nectarines

It’s been a busy week, so I just wanted to share a few pictures with you of what we did yesterday. And to let you know that on Monday I’ll have something fun for all of you home canners. Let’s say it’s a little something to spruce up those jars.
overflowing counter
getting ready to can
Canned nectarines
Have a good weekend!


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11 responses to “Up to our eyeballs in nectarines

  1. Jenny

    I put up fourteen quarts of cherries this week. Home-canned fruit is so appreciated when the winter gets bleak.

  2. Wow, those jars look amazing! I can almost taste the nectarines now…

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  5. Thanks for joining in the Carnival of Home Preserving for July 28th. Please let your readers know that the carnival is now up!

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  9. Jackie

    Was wondering if you would share your water/sugar ratio for these??

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