One Day’s Harvest

One day's harvest
I had great intentions of posting everyday this week, but it looks like our family’s been taken over by an evil summer flu bug. Instead of posting anything of merit, I’ll simply show you a picture of what we picked on Tuesday, before we got sick. Purple Haze and Thumbelina carrots, cantelope and beans.

Have a great weekend! See you next week.


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4 responses to “One Day’s Harvest

  1. I never knew the name of the stubby carrots and Thumbelina is one of my forever favorite names. Now I’ll have to eat some. Thank you. A post of merit in my book.

    Take good care.

  2. That is a great harvest! Those carrots look yummy. I hope you are all feeling better very soon.

  3. I have never seen purple carrots before, but I bet they are yummy! My carrots have not done well, but they got off to a bad start. Most of the folliage got eaten back early on and is now growing back. I hope your family returns to health quickly. It’s no fun being sick, especially in the summertime.

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