July Link Love

One of my newly discovered and loved blogs Simple Mom had a great idea of sending out a month end thank you to all the blogs who sent a little link love her way. I’d love to do the same for all who sent a little traffic my way in July.

Here’s the top referrers to A Sonoma Garden:

  1. Sunshine Through the Windows
  2. Ward Road Garden
  3. Laura Williams Musings
  4. The Morse Family Spot
  5. Kale for Sale
  6. Compostings
  7. Elements in Time
  8. Judy’s Square Foot Garden Blog
  9. Eye on Blogs

And here are A Sonoma Garden’s Top Ten posts:

  1. Canning Lids Download
  2. When life gives you cherry plums…
  3. Our Weeping Santa Rosa Plum Tree
  4. purslane stew
  5. A Little Zucchini Sex for You
  6. Up to our eyeballs in nectarines
  7. Scott finally chimes in – A Pesto Manifesto


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7 responses to “July Link Love

  1. sinfonian2

    Gotta love Judy’s site. She’s my mentor. Now if only I can make her less busy and convince her to post more often, hehe.

    Sorry I don’t refer folks to you (other than “verbally”). I was just thinking before doing my blog rounds that I should really change my blogroll to be the blogs I like rather than websites I think people will like. Maybe if I remember how to change it, hehe. Computers aren’t my thing.

  2. This is a nice idea. I keep thinking too that I’m going to do a weekly “my favorite posts from other bloggers” blog entry.

  3. Thank you for the link love. I would do the same, but is it still considered a list if there is only one thing on it =)
    That’s a good idea what sjones71 said, as well.

  4. asonomagarden

    Sinfonian- I know, it takes me forever to update my sidebar with new links and things. It’s one of those things that I think is going to take forever so I keep putting it off and of course it only ends up taking two minutes to do.

    Sjones-I’ve been thinking of doing something similar lately too. I’ve been so inspired by other peoples posts lately. I’d love to share.

    Gardenmama-Of course it still counts if it’s a list of one!

  5. What a great idea. Thanks.

    I’ve been thinking of you every time I see all the nectarines on the market. I say to myself, up to my neck in nectarines. Even though you said eyeballs it’s all the same in my memory.

  6. What a great idea and thank you for the linky love!

  7. Thank you for the link love!

    I would absolutely love to read some favorite blog posts. I sometimes spend (way too much) time going from blog to blog via the blogs people have listed. I’m usually stunned at how awesome blogging is! (esp since I am new to blogging!)

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