Ladybugs, You’re Fired!

Kale and Aphids
Look at this carnage! Look at this aweful infestation! Oh, it’s terrible, isn’t it? We just got done saying how this was the most beautiful, healthy bunch of Red Russian Kale we’ve ever grown. It was lush and green and verdant. And we couldn’t wait to roast it and steam it and saute it. But instead the aphids got to it first and it was pulled out and given to the chickens.
Healthy Kale
What happened to all of those ladybugs, soldier beetles and friendly praying mantis‘? Where did they go? A quick look around at my flowerbeds spent blooms told me that I wasn’t doing my job to give them a happy home. My flowerbeds always look gorgeous in early spring but by August they are brown and wilted. So off to the nursery I went and planted a cart load of flowers hoping and praying that our beneficial friends return and keep those aphids at bay.

If you’d like to buy ladybugs you can do so here:
“9,000 Live Ladybug Beetles Hippodamia convergens – Medium Garden”


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6 responses to “Ladybugs, You’re Fired!

  1. Krista

    Can I just tell you how much I appreciate your blog? My need for humor and for learning is met in every post. I love all the links you include, where do you find them all?! And boo to aphids. I bet you are really mourning that beautiful Kale.

    Thankfully they seemed to just stick to the blackberry bushes on the outskirts of our yard and nothing else this year. Weehoo!

  2. sinfonian2

    So sorry to hear about your infestation. With abundant growing climates comes massive bug populations. Maybe you needed to up your offer to their agents.

    Your garden is so great, and I’d forgotten you have chickens too. Jealous!

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  5. Ricky

    Our cabbage and purple cauliflower are getting infested by aphids in our garden, too. Did the flowers that you planted end up attracting ladybugs and keeping them around? Also, the link to purchasing ladybugs at the bottom of this post doesn’t seem to work anymore, do you have an updated version? Thanks and great blog!

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