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Next up on the fruit horizon

White Peaches
The white peaches are just about ripe. They are tiny little peaches, apricot size really. But it’s a teeny, tiny little tree, so what do you expect, really? We keep having thoughts of taking the tree out, and maybe replacing it with an Oh Henry peach tree, but every August, once we have our first bite of fruit, we give it another year.
White Peaches

Our Fay Elberta tree is almost empty at this point. We froze a bunch of these peaches. Sliced them, layed them out on a cookie sheet and then into a ziplock. I can’t wait for a mid winter peach tart. I need to remember to make up some crisp topping too. We also made just a couple jars of freezer jam too.
Do you have any fruit trees in your garden? Are the peaches ripe in your yard too?
Peach Leaves


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