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After a day in Sebastopol

The Harvest
Tuesday was our oldest son’s fourth birthday. After a weekend of celebration, we spent his actual birthday with the BellaMadris clan in a little orchard in Sebastopol. It was lovely. And beautiful. This orchard, down a long quiet gravel road, is in a No Spray Zone and the owner isn’t a big fruit harvesting guy, so Julie has been given permission to pick all she wants. And this was part of the result of our harvest.
The boys ran wild, fueled by chocolate cupcakes and the prospects of sitting on this shiny red tractor.
A great day was had by all. Thanks Julie for bringing us there!

It made us both think, if we could actually live way out in the country. We (Julie and I) both like the convenience of living in town, not using our cars, but we also have a draw towards living out in a quiet open place in the country too. Melinda chose to give up country life for the city recently. Where do you live? Do you wish you lived closer to a town, or farther from it?


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