Inspiring Garden Links

More Lens Flares in my Garden
There are so many great blogs out there and so much good information to read about. Here’s a small list of what’s inspired me of late. What’s inspiring you? Feel free to add your comments about your favorite blog posts and I’ll add them and your name to the list!

How to Start a Worm Farm by Down to Earth, a great Australian blog
Money Lessons Learned by Square Foot Gardening , by Frugal Dad. Who knew that Square Food Gardening could teach you so much about investing? Sinfonian, are you a good investor after doing SFG?
Looks like Canning is Making a Comeback Judging by the popularity of my canning lid labels, it looks like canning really is become popular again!
How to Make Rain Barrels We’ve been curious about doing this ourselves. Has anyone tried it?
Never Pay for Onions Again A unique way to start onions

Update: If you’d like to read about how I’m such a horrible mother, check out my guest blog post on One Green Generation.


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6 responses to “Inspiring Garden Links

  1. Kendra- thanks for the links. I got here by the way of One Green generation- I don’t think you are a horrible mother- just human! Kids will be kids and get into what they get into. anyway thanks!

  2. sje

    I found a great rain barrel site that offers the rain barrel kit and lots of other interesting products – first flush water diverter, downspout filters –

  3. asonomagarden

    Thanks for the comments rob and for the link sje! Kids will be kids, but it doesn’t make us parents feel any less guilty does it?

  4. beautiful picture! It looks so dreamy and magical back there!

  5. sinfonian2

    Me, my financial investments are stalled just like the rest of the nations. Gardening, this was a learning year. Next year I’ll make some different planting choices. But I just froze 4 pounds of green beans to invest in good home-grown nutrition for the winter. It’s a start. So yeah, I guess I do feel like an investor!

  6. asonomagarden

    Thanks Julie. LOL, I like to keep the illusion that it really is dreamy and magical back there. Only we really know it’s far from that, but don’t tell anyone, okay?

    Hi Sinfonian, I think 4lbs of frozen beans sounds like a good investment to me. I’m sure you’ll get a much higher return out of them than my mutual funds at the moment!

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