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A Peppery Success

I’ll be the first to admit that our vegetable garden isn’t looking its finest right about now. That’s why you haven’t seen many outdoor photos lately. Its been hot and dry recently. So dry that it is hard to keep things looking green and lush. The melons ares are done, the first round of zucchini have hit retirement and truth be told, our minds have drifted over to other parts of our yard.
Carmen Peppers
We always had it a goal to own a small house on a large lot, which we gratefully have. However, having a large lot means having a large list of things to do. This summer has been titled ‘The Summer of Taking Care of Business’. A summer filled full of to-do’s which we didn’t accomplish last year, which was ‘The Summer of Getting It Done.’ So we’ve set about the business of reseeding the entire back lawn, building new and repairing old fences and planting large landscape plants to give us a bit more privacy.
Quadrato d’Asti Giallo Peppers
One thing we are having great success with in the vegetable garden are with peppers. We planted enough to feed a small army. We planted all sorts, Carmens, Quadrato d’Asti Giallos, Serranos, Gourmets (remember when we ordered them from Territorial?) and a few from some fellow Seed Savers, Colossal Kim’s and a few pimentos. All are doing outstanding. Peppers take a long time to grow (some long time readers might remember our post about planting the seeds) and needs lots of sun and heat. Things that we have in abundance here in our Sonoma garden.

What’s your most successful crop this year? What have you been disappointed by?


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