You have to check these out


There’s a ton of great blog posts out there right now. I’m totally inspired! Here’s my favorites:

Wasted Food by These Days in French LifeLove this blog!
Holy &*%!@ That’s Not a Potato! by CompostingsHe’s a seriously funny gardener
Frugality in Practice: Home Canning by Get Rich Slowlymore proof that canning is cool
Why Hang Tomatoes Upside Down? by A Taste of the EarthI first heard about this through compostings, but this is another great read on it.
Foraging for Dinner by (not so) Urban Hennerygarden foraging is one of my favorite ways to plan dinner too


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2 responses to “You have to check these out

  1. Doug and I have been talking about doing the upside down tomatoes next year. This year was not a good year again- we need to move the spot where we’ve been planting the tomatoes, but as you know we are limited on the sunny parts of the yard with our 3 oak trees. So I thought if we hung them- it would solve a couple problems, no more staking, nice fresh soil every year in the bucket and they will be up higher to get more sun and I love the no more bending over. Plus it opens up more room underneath for some shade loving plants. I’m excited to see “A Taste of the Earth” and their methods. I will keep a mental note.

  2. Thanks for the mention!

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