Happy Autumn!

Happy Autumn!
Some people, I think, are hard wired for different seasons. There are some people who live for the summer and love the heat of the mid-day sun, others love to curl up to the rainy day window ledge of winter, but we are autumn people. We welcome the coming of fall with enthusiastic cheers of delight. It’s the advent of wearing fleece vests, enjoying the weight of a down comforter, pouring a glass of deep red wine and viewing all the splendid fall colors that energizes us. After a day spent at the San Francisco Ferry Building, we came home and made an incredible meal of egg pasta with shaved Italian truffle paired with a heavenly Barbera d’Alba. We gave a high toast to the coming of fall.
Which season is your season. Which one brings you extra energy and enthusiasm?

For a great write up on her views of fall, read what Amanda of Soulemama has to say.


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7 responses to “Happy Autumn!

  1. I love all the seasons. I know, what a cop out. I almost had to move to San Francisco once. Though I love the city, I just couldn’t see living in a place that had basically the same weather all year round.

    I love the snow in the winter. It is so beautiful. Curling up under the blanket with a warm cup of tea, reading in the sun with the glint of the icicles coming into the window is not something I would want to miss. Then when you get tired of shoveling spring finally shows up with its wonderful flowers and occasional warm days. The soil begs to be planted. Then summer comes and the crops grow tall; the kids come home from college; and you get to eat the perfect sun warmed, ripe tomato from the garden. Just when you can’t take the heat and humidity anymore, Autumn comes in and colors the landscape with the most brilliant reds and oranges. The air feels crisp. It is a bit of a bittersweet time since I pull up the summer garden crops and put the garden to bed before winter hits.

    So though they each have their highlights, the best part is that they change. How can you appreciate the hot sweaty summer if you don’t freeze your ass off in the winter?

  2. Fall is by far my favorite season. The first fragrance of it, the way the garden changes and the anticipation of snuggling up with no place to go while the the rains come down. My insides relax after the edginess of summer. I get excited about having time indoors to cook and to dream and to plan. Thanks for sharing your toast to the season.

  3. asonomagarden

    Daphne, that was a beautiful comment. You are right, the best part is that they do change. I guess that’s why spring is my second favorite season, because like fall it’s a time of great change.

    Katrina, as you know, I’m with you. While all the seasons are lovely in their own way, fall is hands down my favorite season. I like to nest.

  4. I love fall! Even here in on the central coast of California. I love the crisp air, the falling leaves on (some of) the trees. It’s a BUSY time of year though, preparing for winter!

  5. Kendra, I absolutely love Fall. For me, there is just nothing like the coolness of Fall after the long hot summer months. We spend most of our time outdoors these days, not like during the heat of summer when afternoon is off limits. I am re-energized each year just as the leaves begin to turn.

  6. I am a winter person. But fall is like my wake up season- I don’t like heat and my brain falls into hibernation during the summer. So when fall comes it’s a time of waking up, it’s like perpetual morning time. I love it.

    But my heart truly belongs in winter when all the plants are stripped down to their bones. That is my very favorite time of year.

  7. cathairsandchocolate

    While I do enjoy watching the seasons change and look forward to certain aspects of every season, I, too, am hard-wired for fall. It’s the time of year that I most crave nature and local foods. I get introspective and spiritual, and I love autumnal colors so much that much of my house is decorated with them. Interestingly, it’s also the time of year that I get the biggest itch to travel; I’ve often wondered what that says about my ancestry, LOL.

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