Apples for an Anniversary

First Apple Pie
It was our sixth wedding anniversary this past weekend. Scott made an apple pie to celebrate. Which only seemed appropriate because he made one the day before we got married too. At the time we lived a few streets away from where we do now and we had an ancient Gravenstein apple tree in our backyard. He made countless apple pies that fall in our newly received pie pans. I remember my great aunt was amazed at his baking ability, she’d never seen an apple pie quite like his. So we served slices to all of our out of town guests before our wedding rehearsal.

Six years later, I’m continuously amazed by his abilities, not only at making apple pies, but in everything else he undertakes in life. Thanks for six great years together, Scott!

Apple Sauce
(few jars of applesauce were made this past weekend two with leftover apples)


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10 responses to “Apples for an Anniversary

  1. What a beautiful story to associate taste with your anniversary. Thank you. We have our fifth this weekend but I always associate it with whipped cream and chocolate cake. Not exactly seasonal.

  2. asonomagarden

    Thank you Katrina. With Scott in my life, I feel like all events in our life are related to food somehow. Happy anniversary to you too! Chocolate cake and whipped cream are always in season.

  3. Happy anniversary. Gravenstien apples have got to be one of my favorite apples. They may not keep well, but when they are in season, I am happy.

  4. Happy anniversary to you! That has got to be the most beautiful apple pie I think I’ve ever seen. My Scott is a semi-baker, but he’s know in my family for his macadamia nut cookies.

  5. Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 4th yesterday. Good time of the year to be married 🙂

    That is one beautiful (in more ways than one) apple pie.

  6. I wish I had known you when I lived in Sonoma County!

    That pie is gorgeous.

    I just made a crisp using Gravensteins. They really don’t keep well. But at least they can grow here in Oregon too. So delicious.

  7. So I love your blog, so left you an award over at my blog. If you aren’t a meme type of person, feel free to ignore it.

  8. How sweet! And Happy Anniversary! Much better than how we celebrate. You’re a class act!

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