I Miss Fruit

I’ll admit it, I miss fruit. A lot. Yes, yes, we have a bunch canned and frozen, but I miss having mounds of it on my counter. I miss grabbing it for a quick snack. We are completely out of fresh fruit at our house. We finished the last of the apples, the pears got immediately canned, and the asian pears (which I never shared with you, did I) are also gone. I suppose for the local eater, this begins the time of eating frozen, dried and canned fruit. And while I won’t miss the summer, I will miss the fruit.

Also a note to all of my blogging friends, I want to appologize for not visiting your blogs and commenting as I used to. I miss visiting and I hope to be back at it soon.


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3 responses to “I Miss Fruit

  1. I miss fruit, too. I miss fresh strawberries and blueberries. My friend’s father has a huge blueberry bush, and I have not tasted anything better than those blueberries! That’s the one thing I look forward to at the end of winter.

  2. I’m still enjoying apples from the farmer’s markets and how the different varieties or the same variety from a different grower can be so distinct. Each time I think I’ve found a favorite another just as good comes along. (Thanks for another really great photo!)

  3. I get this, totally. I have at least 40 quarts of applesauce, a tom of frozen berries and peaches but… fresh fruit is definitely a treasure that so many take for granted.

    Like so many other ways; this is were peok oil is actually a gift. We, as a collective, will learn to appreciate the seasons and each of it’s bounties. “Summer” will no longer be shipped to Michigan in February.

    Blessed Be

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