Honey + Spice Cranberry Sauce

My favorite cranberry sauce
There isn’t anything local about cranberries for this California girl. But what Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without them? I never was too hot about cranberry sauce growing up. I just didn’t get it, was it a dip? Was it something you ate by the spoonful? What did you do with it?

Now I get it. You just put a little dob of it on your fork along with a little bit of turkey and a smudge of stuffing and your mouth is set for happiness. I discovered this cranberry sauce recipe a handful of years ago and haven’t turned back since. It’s so full of tangy, sweety, spicy goodness. I hope you try this.

Honey + Spice Cranberry Sauce
1 – 12oz bag of cranberries
1 3/4 c. apple cider
3/4 c. honey
1 t. cinnamon
Grated orange peel from 1 orange
6 whole cloves (I put these into a metal tea strainer for easy removal)
Pinch of salt
1 whole bay leaf

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove the tea strainer full of cloves. Thicken with a little cornstarch diluted in water. Enjoy!


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3 responses to “Honey + Spice Cranberry Sauce

  1. Good post! I’m still not sure if I get the hang of cranberries but I’m easing into it.

  2. I have always been too afraid to do more than glance at cranberry sauce/relish, but my step-dad makes it every year. This recipe looks interesting, though. I’ll have to pass it along to him, and just maybe summon the nerve to try it.

  3. Mmmm. Making this now for Thanksgiving round 2. Smells really, really good. Thanks for the recipe!

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