Tarts, Planets & Shopping Locally: in Photos

tart shell
blind baking my thanksgiving tart, filled with old garden favas
Hello Friends. I have been full of ideas and inspirational findings that I want to share with you, but the words just aren’t coming to me today. Until then, I thought I might share these pictures of late fall with you. And tonight, make sure to go look up in the night sky. Jupiter and Venus are shining bright. If you go out right at dusk you’ll see them, they will be the first ‘stars’ to appear. Thanks to Erin for the tip.
i took down this display yesterday on my mantle to make way for christmas greenery, still wishing we could be setting up for christmas in this house.
mums, left over from our harvest party
My favorite
another reason to shop locally, because the store owners might just sweeten the deal with a few backyard persimmons and a little lemon


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2 responses to “Tarts, Planets & Shopping Locally: in Photos

  1. I love your photos and the fact that you find the art in food and the landscape. Thank you.

  2. I wish you could have that house too!! We finally got a 90 year old farm house but it only came with 10,000 square foot lot. I am so relieved not to live in my depressing ranch house anymore that I am willing myself to be satisfied with no acreage.

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