Gifts to Share

gifts from my four year old
I just wanted to stop in quickly to say hello. This is a photo of just one of the many gifts my four year old brings me. Simple little natural gifts. Aren’t they just the best?

It’s been cold, hasn’t it? Saturday was our first really cold day and we were actually pretty excited about it. To celebrate we all spent as much time as our fingertips would allow outside, just taking in the cold air and the change in our garden. The peppers and tomatoes finally gave up their lives to the frost and we were joyful to see that the oranges are starting to turn, well, orange. The lemons are starting to ripen, some of the lettuce froze, the heartier greens are now a bit sweeter thanks to Jack Frost. I think that’s one of my favorite reasons to have such a garden, so that we can all together as a family experience the changes in the seasons so directly.

I will be back in soon. I’ve been thinking of milk and have been wondering what your thoughts on milk were too. I’m writing a post about it now.

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