Starting the New Year off Right

Nectarine Branches

This year, we have decided to start the New Year off the right way. This year, we are heading out on New Years Eve to the last place in the states to ring in the new year, Kauai. I’ve never been anywhere tropical before. I’ve always thought that hooded sweatshirts and wool socks were typical beach wear. So the thought of sipping Mai Tai’s on warm sandy beaches and swimming in warm ocean water is delightful.

In the meantime, we will return to see these cut nectarine branches in bloom (hopefully), our annual cover crop sprouted (which we just now finally planted!), and the excitement to start a new year. This year will be a good year, I can feel it. I have a lot of fun ideas for this blog space for when I return. Have a very Happy New Year. I’ll drink a mai tai for you all!


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4 responses to “Starting the New Year off Right

  1. Ahh, that sounds nice! I anticipate the day when we get to take a nice trip. Question about your cover crop. Do you normally plant it in the Fall and it comes back in the Spring, or do you usually plant it this late in the year? I realize your planting seasons are way different than mine, but I am planning to do some cover crops this year, which is why I’m asking. Have a great time on your trip!

  2. You are very lucky! Have a great time in the warm tropics.

  3. howmygardengrows

    Your blog is wonderful. Great pictures and all! I justed started my own blog at: Come check out my new garden with pictures.

    Do you have the recipe for your Norwegian doodads that kind of look like tortillas —sorry I forgot the name of them. They look really good.

    Happy New Year.

  4. I can’t wait until my few fruit trees are big enough that I can cut a few branches for inside!

    I have the same feeling about this year.

    I hope we’re both right!

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