Nectarine Blossom

Nectarine Bloom
I just wanted to interrupt Citrus Week for a moment to show you what is now blooming on our mantle. A beautiful nectarine blossom. As if this odd 70 degree weather isn’t a reminder, this blossom let’s us know that while we are in the heart of January now, spring will soon be on it’s way.


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3 responses to “Nectarine Blossom

  1. What a pretty little blossom! I sure could use that on a mantle here! It’s blistery and snowy and sleety here. Hey, I have a question for you. I plan on double digging this year, but I also recently bought a tiller. When you double dig, do you till first and then dd, or dd and then till. I know I will be incorporating compost into the layers when I dd and thought maybe if I till after it would mix it all in. Please, enlighten me =)

    • asonomagarden

      Hi Megan, There’s two trains of thought on digging/tilling, but If I were you, I’d till first, then dig that first layer out and till again to accomplish the double digging. Then fill the area back in with dirt and compost, which you can either hand mix (while shoveling back in) or till over it again to really mix it up. That would be the easy way and the way we do it. But if you want to be a true purist, then you would hand shovel the whole thing because you wouldn’t want the tiller to cut too many worms in half and destroy too many of the organisms going on down there.

      Oh, and I got your cover crop question too the other day…I’m going to answer that in a whole seperate post next week, okay?

  2. Thanks! I’ll probably use the tiller =)

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