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Citrus Week: Kafir Lime

Kafir Lime
Are you a thai curry addict? Curry nights are one of my favorites in our house and Scott makes a great one. But when Scott said that he wanted to buy an entire Kafir Lime tree just to make our curries better, I thought that maybe that was a little excessive. Did we really need and entire tree to make an occassional dinner better? However a good nursery sale and the promise of it being a small evergreen patio tree was enough to convince me, so we are now the owners of a kafir lime tree.

While the actual kafir limes are used for their zest, the juice of the bumpy skinned limes is generally ignored. The covetous part of this tree is the leaves which are added to curries to bring an incredible flavor and aroma. I read recently that often in Thailand one tree was plenty to supply an entire town with leaves for their meals. Soon we will be able to supply the greater Sonoma area with leaves. If you live in town or come for a visit, let us know and we’ll share the supply.

That wraps up Citrus Week for us. What citrus do you have growing in your garden?


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