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Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring - Asparagus
translucent asparagus
It’s admittedly been a very warm winter this year. We’ve had many days touching into the seventies. It has been lovely, but we are predicting a not so great harvest from our fruit trees. This warm weather is causing everything to bud up now and our Santa Rosa Weeping Plum tree is on the verge of exploding with blooms. And it seem all too early for that, last year it didn’t bloom until March. We’ve found that following the coldest winters, we get the best fruit harvests. With this warmer one, I don’t expect much fruit this summer, but who knows. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy these beautiful days and take in the first signs of spring.
Signs of Spring - Weeping Plum Tree
our Santa Rosa Weeping Plum tree about to bloom
Signs of Spring - Tulips
tulips starting to emerge
Signs of Spring - Weeping Plum Tree
the santa rosa plum tree against our blue, blue skies


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