Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring - Asparagus
translucent asparagus
It’s admittedly been a very warm winter this year. We’ve had many days touching into the seventies. It has been lovely, but we are predicting a not so great harvest from our fruit trees. This warm weather is causing everything to bud up now and our Santa Rosa Weeping Plum tree is on the verge of exploding with blooms. And it seem all too early for that, last year it didn’t bloom until March. We’ve found that following the coldest winters, we get the best fruit harvests. With this warmer one, I don’t expect much fruit this summer, but who knows. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy these beautiful days and take in the first signs of spring.
Signs of Spring - Weeping Plum Tree
our Santa Rosa Weeping Plum tree about to bloom
Signs of Spring - Tulips
tulips starting to emerge
Signs of Spring - Weeping Plum Tree
the santa rosa plum tree against our blue, blue skies


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8 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. Kendra, I can’t even describe the feeling I got in my heart when, as I was scrolling down through these great pictures, I saw the picture of the tulips poking their heads up through the ground. I absolutely cannot wait to see my little ones doing the same! I moved around lots of flowers last year and planted some new ones, so I really look forward to seeing what comes up. I’m sorry about your fruit harvest. I hope you still get lots of yummy stuff. We have plenty of snow and cold here, I wish I could send some your way! Package up some of that warmth and send it this way, please =)

  2. Oh my god, you have asparagus. So jealous. That is all.

  3. My wife and I have been contemplating getting a weeping Santa Rosa Plum for the front yard, mostly because they are so beautiful. When I asked one of our local nurseries about them, they quipped saying they produce smaller quantities and less tasty fruit. Methinks they were just telling me that in an effort to get me to buy a regular Santa Rosa Plum. What has been your experience? The trees are so beautiful and we’d still like to add one to the landscape.

  4. How about this crazy weather! My trees are all starting to bud and my tulips are coming up now too. Here’s to hoping we get some rain this week.

  5. asonomagarden

    Gardenmama, Please do send some snow. I wouldn’t mind having some, actually. And in return I’ll send you a box of warm sunshine.

    Laura, The asparagus is a new addition. This is our first spring with it, so I don’t think we can eat it yet…still need to read up on it.

    Morgan, I’d go ahead and get one. We bought ours mainly for the beauty too, but also because we love plums. They are on the smaller side and maybe there are some varieties out there that taste better, but we really liked these. They weren’t dry or pulpy like some are, they were juicy and have a good tartness to them.

    Sarah, I know, this weather…50% rationing they’re talking about. Good grief. Sounds like it’s time for a county-wide rain dance.

  6. I am so envious of the asparagus! I am going to plant some one more time and see if I can get them to do well. Your pictures are gorgeous.

    It’s true that most fruit trees do better with more winter chill hours than Sonoma usually gets.

    I think it’s interesting how the signs of spring are different in different places. The first buds to swell here are lilacs- I am so excited for the lilacs to all bloom around here!

    I wish I could share my rain with you! 50% rationing sounds tough.

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