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Pretty Good
Pretty Good

It has been a very long time since I’ve last posted, hasn’t it? But the truth is, that it has rained pretty much every day since I last wrote that post the our drought and besides being insanely busy, I’ve been feeling like maybe it might jinx things if I wrote over that drought post. I think today might be the last of the rain though, so I’m taking my chances. It hasn’t been just a little rain either. The newsman said last night that in the previous 48 hours Sonoma has received 4.53″ of rain. And it rained all night long and it’s raining now still. So while I think water restriction is still a certainty, maybe we won’t have to cut back quite so much.

Meanwhile, since we can’t be outside, we’ve come up with an almost impossible to-do list inside the house. How does one simple little project, like having insulation blown into our walls (we have none!) turn into an almost all house renovation? We spent our long weekend taking off 65 year old stuck-like-glue baseboard, door trim, ripping out parts of the ceiling and sending it in for asbestos testing (negative!), talking to electritians…oh my. Just what have we gotten ourselves into.

But I will be back soon with more garden talk. The hens are going a little nutty with staying in the coop for so long and so are we! We have new Baker Creek seeds to discuss and so much more. I hope your long weekend was a good one.
Pretty Good



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