We Didn’t Need Any Seeds This Year

Baker Creek Seeds
“This year, this year we don’t need any new seeds.” Scott declared. ‘Uh huh’ is what I think I remember mumbling in reply. Of course he didn’t need any more seeds. I’m quite certain we could start our own online seed store with all that his collection holds. Still, I was far from shocked to walk out on the porch one day to find a package from Baker Creek. It is his very favorite place to buy seeds. And as I can never have to many books, yards of fabric, or Anthropologie anything, he can’t have too many seeds.

So what did we get? I’ll tell you. In fact I’ll list them out for you.

Merlo Nero – an early dark leafed Italian variety
Bloomsdale Long Standing – which is said to do better in hotter weather, perfect for us.

Shishigatani or Toonas Makino – These are very expensive winter squash seeds (20 seeds for $4), but are a rare Japanese variety. Apparently they keep you from paralysis when eaten in summer. That’s good, we have been worried about summertime paralysis around here and were looking for a good preventative.
Zucchino Rampicante – a summer squash who’s description reads that the flavor is superb! (With an exclamation point) Who could pass that up.

St. Valery Carrots – This is Baker Creeks favorite carrot, how could we pass it up?
Hollow Crown Parsnip – We’ve recently added parsnips to our winter diet, prepared just like mashed potatoes. It’s fantastic! We’re excited to try growing some.
Japanese Minowase Daikon – A perfect garden addition to aid our new kimchi making addiction. These diakons grow up to 24″ long!
Chinese Red Meat Radish – Green on the outside and bright red on the inside, I’m excited to try these too.

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon – We found last year that we had our best watermelon year when we planted to varieties together. In addition to our beloved Ali Baba’s we’re going to try this variety which grows well in heat and drought.
Quadrato d’Asti Rosso Peppers – We grew these quadrato d’asti rosso peppers last year and were more than pleased with how they turned out.
Ching Chang Bok Choy – Last year was our first year growing bok choy and it was such a welcome, regular addition to our diet, we’re making them a garden staple.

Did you order from Baker Creek this year? What did you get?


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8 responses to “We Didn’t Need Any Seeds This Year

  1. Kendra,
    I am too embarrassed to confess the whole list of seeds I’ve ordered. Your husband showed much more restraint than I did.

    I just can’t seem to help myself when it comes to ordering seeds. Baker Creek is my biggest weakness. I love the little quotes they have scattered throughout the catalog, and the pictures of the owner’s baby are so cute! Next year I am determined to save more of my own seeds and not buy so many.

    I suppose that in the grand scheme of things my seed addiction is not so terrible after all
    Like you, I also collect fabrics and used books. I especially like old gardening and sewing books.

    I purchased 30 different types of heirloom tomato seeds this year from the Tomato Fest in Carmel. I am going to be starting them indoors soon, and would be happy to share some plants with your family when they are ready. The Big White Pink Stripe tomato is my favorite from the ones I grew last year. It has an amazing flavor.


    • asonomagarden

      Hi Sarah, Thanks for your offer of sharing tomato seedlings. Those big white pink stripe sound really interesting! Wow, 30 different types! Are you going to grow all of them? I think in the grand scheme of things, a seed buying addiction is a rather healthy one. At least it’s not that expensive and doesn’t harm anyone or anything!

  2. LOL — I have tons of seeds too! But, for some reason, I continue to order even more every year. One thing for sure, it’s a great investment in this economy to say the least.

  3. Great post! It was very well researched and I enjoyed it very much. I bookmarked your site and will be back very soon, I look forward to reading some interesting posts! Thanks, Whitney

  4. I totally understand his need to get even more seeds. This year I don’t need to buy seeds either but of course there are always a couple of new things I want to try. But I’m definitely keeping it to a very very small order.

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