Beets for Obama

Beet in my sink
I understand you aren’t crazy about beets, President Obama, but can’t you agree that they are so pretty?
For Pres. Obama, at least beets are pretty, aren't they?
We had these chiogga beets the other night with carrots and celery root all cut up match stick like. Scott made a simple dressing of mayo+yogurt+rice wine vinegar+pepper. Delicious.

This week has been a busy week. Next week I promise more postings!


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7 responses to “Beets for Obama

  1. I love beets. But I live with an Englishman and they have a genetic aversion to them (well, you would too if you grew up eating them the way the English cook them — boiling them until they are a pink pulpy mess). So I’m banned from bringing them in the house or growing them. But I may secretly sow them in some hidden corner of the garden.

  2. This is the first year that I’ve grown beets and they have been wonderful! My husband loves beets pickled. I love them sliced on my green salads. I have another crop planted that I hope will have enough time to mature before it gets too hot.

  3. I’m not a beet person either but I do like them sliced and baked as chips. The prez needs to try my sea salt beet chips!

  4. Jenny

    I have learned to love beets as an adult as I believe they were just introduced wrong in my youth. A Ukranian woman who works for me prepared the most delicious beet salad for me a few years ago and and I’ve been making it ever since.

    Boil 3 unpeeled beets until fork tender.
    Let cool and with a paper towel wrapped around them slip off the skins and using a course grater, grate in a mixing bowl.
    Add chopped walnuts, minced garlic, finely chopped prunes (for sweetner) and bind with just enough mayonaise to coat lightly. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy. Refridgerate

    So very good for your heart, blood and digestive tract.

    (Warn your friends and family that are going to enjoy this and are new to beets of the discoloring that will take place the following day.)

    • asonomagarden

      That salad sounds delicious Jenny. I’m definately going to try it. Our beets are ready for the picking. Thanks for commenting.

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