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The Word on Water


Word on the street is that we have avoided mandatory water rationing this year! Hard to believe that we went from being told that we would have to cut our water usage by 50% to now being told that we can voluntarily cut back 15% in such a short time, but such is the power of mother nature. We did have lots of rain in late winter, especially up here in the north bay. Some counties in the Bay Area have already mandated 15% rationing and I think other counties in California are having a much harder time than that. But here in Sonoma county, the rationing is only voluntary. Great news. And the news said today would bring a 70% chance of rain. Let’s hope.

So can we do to cut back 15% voluntarily?

  • I’m thinking of having a friends plumber husband come over and install a three way switch to our washing machine water outlet so that we can divert water into my flower beds.
  • I’m also thinking of taking one part of my flower beds off of a drip line and watering them only with kitchen sink water scraps
  • I might just convince Scott to try Dry Farming one of our tomatoes this year
  • I’m going to mulch the heck out of everything

How has the water supply shaped up where you live?


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