My Shampoo-less Hair is on MSNBC

I was reluctant to share about my no shampooing experiment the other week because I thought you’d all think me a little, well, gross. But it looks like now my dirty little secret is out nationwide on msnbc. Go check it out.

I’ll be back soon with more garden related (rather than bad hygiene related) news.


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10 responses to “My Shampoo-less Hair is on MSNBC

  1. Way to go Kendra! I stopped using shampoo a long time ago, too! Oh, wait . . . that’s mostly because I have no hair . . . [actually, I really have been a long-time supporter of this.]

  2. From the garden to the big time! Your hair looks great. I made it for several months without shampoo or conditioner but with highlights I needed to go back to using a conditioner and occasional shampoo. I’m using a fraction of the products I used to as a result of experiencing the difference of no-poo though and choosing products I could likely eat if I had to.

  3. i think you and your hair look great! Maybe it is time to go back to no poo method myself. We already buy baking soda and vinegar by the boatload as my son loves to make volcanoes in the sink and I use dilute vinegar on the wood floors in lieu of soap. Thanks for the nudge.

  4. Very Cool! Maybe the publicity will help more people make the decision. I sure don’t regret it 🙂

  5. OMG Kendra!!! I’m Andrea, lovely locks picture number two!!! Isn’t that funny? So glad I stumbled across your blog!!

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  7. I haven’t gone completely without washing my hair, but I don’t use shampoo. I use our bath and shampoo soap bars to wash our hair. Of course, we only wash our hair maybe once a week, so we don’t strip the oil out by any means. This was a very interesting article!!

  8. Melissa

    well i switched to doing this a week ago, my hair is sooo thick and long. its a complete disaster after im done with the hair baking soda wash. and it feels so icky after its dry. what would you recommend or is this normal in the transition? I typically only washed with my hair with organic shampoo 2xs a week prior to this. please help!!

    • melissa,

      add the apple cider vinegar rinse after the baking soda. makes a huge difference. acv neutralizes the basic ph of the baking soda and for some reason helps with the softness and tangled mess. i think of the baking soda as the “shampoo” and the apple cider vinegar as the “conditioner.”

      i dilute both 1 tablespoon : 1 cup of (hot) water.

      hope that helps!!

      i have been poo free just over a year. i have long, thin, wavy/curly hair. i use the baking soda rinse once a week and use a the vinegar rinse about 2 x week. no funny smell. no crazy tangles. no dreadlocks. i don’t need any other product to control my crazy curls. no one would be the wiser. 🙂

      happy wednesday.

  9. Sherry

    Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful information! 🙂 I found the apple cider vinegar rinse early this summer. I enjoyed using it once a week to give my hair a break from shampoo. I am now alergic to every shampoo and any other store bought hair product I try. My daughter told me about your site and I am so glad she did! I will be trying the baking soda rinse as well now.I also plan to look around your site some for for the other natural hygene itmes you have given how-to’s and tips about. It seems I am alergic to everything these days!! Thank you so much for your help! Sherry

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