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Our Hen Crows

She is Woman, hear her Cock-a-Doodle-Do.
Chickens out after a rainy week

Her name is Mabel (the buff on the right) and lately she’s been quite the little diva. Last week when we were going though that crazy heat spell, we opened our bedroom windows at the crack of dawn to feel the cool morning air. We laid in bed listening to the surrounding roosters and our happy clucking hens. All of a sudden we heard this ‘bawk-bawk-bawk-a-doodle-do’ coming from one of our girls. Just the most dreadful, meager little crow sounding much like when our late rooster Lincoln was learning how to crow. It seems that Mabel has decided to become the resident rooster. We had read about this when we were learning about chickens, that if left to rule the roost for too long that a hen could start to act like a rooster and begin to crow. It’s a soft crow, no need to go rushing around apologizing to the neighbors like before.

Mabel, luckily acts just as much of a lady as she did before. We think actually that she might have a crush on the wild rooster down the street. Last summer a rooster got loose and made it’s home in the new subdivision a few blocks away. We had three knocks on our door of neighbors and police officers asking if it was ours. They’ve done all they can to catch it, but with no luck. It’s the closest rooster around, so maybe Mabel is ‘flirting’. Who knows.

Have you ever heard your hens ever started crowing?


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