A reminder to eat well

Broken Arm

We got to see inside our oldest sons hand last week. And if you remember from the last post, when we last got to see inside his hand we saw among other things that his young hand were still in the process of growing. This time we saw that we’ve been doing something right because his hand is growing in the most normal of ways, well at least until he broke it. Fascinating to see the changes that have happened, and fascinating to see the obvious break. And so we go about our job of feeding him even more healthy and nutritious foods in hopes of helping him heal a little bit faster. Which promptly began with a treat of ice cream and a t-rex illustration as soon as the cast was put on.
In the very same week they looked inside of my grandma and saw how her kidneys are slowly starting to break down and lose function as is the normal coarse of action when your body gets so old. And they looked inside my sister and saw that her baby is growing well and is expected to arrive next month. It’s not often that we get to use modern technology to look inside of ourselves and our loved ones but it is always a good reminder that one of most important reasons we grow food is to nourish ourselves so that we can help the little ones grow, keep ourselves strong, and help the older ones live as long as they healthfully can.


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5 responses to “A reminder to eat well

  1. Sorry to hear a trip to the doctors for a broken bone…oh well, life happens! I am a big believer in real bone broth for healing bones. check out this for recipes: http://www.westonaprice.org/foodfeatures/broth.html

    P.s. for mothers day Steve and Ben helped plant out our tomatoes and we used your buried perforated pipe method. Thanks for the brilliant idea.

  2. Modern medicine is an amazing thing. I hope technology is allowed to progress to its fullest potential.

  3. Gigi

    I lurk here for your gardening posts (I’m similiar zone) but I actually clicked comments to find someone had already left one with the info I was going to share.
    I second the Weston A Price site!! We eat, for the most part, following the principles on there and refer often for fun/educational learning. Hope he can get digging again soon 🙂

  4. asonomagarden

    Thank you mims and Gigi for the bone soup suggestion. I’ve just recently been into Nourishing Traditions and have been meaning to go buy some stock bones to make soup for him. Now the challenge is to get him to drink it…he’s a bit picky!

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