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The Best Gardening Tip You’ll Ever Hear (Day 3 of 30 DTABG)

Charlie's Flowers for me
I know, what a presumptuous title, right? The best gardening tip you’ll ever hear? Yes, it is. They say that a growers best fertilizer is his own footsteps and it is true. Make a new habit of going and visiting your garden every day. Walk down each path, look at each plant, touch a few and enjoy yourself. Not only will it bring you a little peace, but by seeing your garden everyday and hopefully a few times a day you’ll be able to catch any sign of disease or pests before they become detrimental. You will be able to monitor growth, how much sunlight or shade each area gets and so much more.

If your schedule allows, I highly recommend an early morning walk. I know in our house full of little boys, getting ready for school, work and and everything else that it is a challenge to get out in the early morning light, but we try and do it as often as we can. Why? Because most pesky bugs come out at night and you’ll be able to see what has been nibbling away at your lettuce or spinach in those early morning hours. Turn over leaves and see what you find, stick your finger in the dirt to feel if the soil is wet, and take a good look at everything to see how close you are getting to harvest time.

Last fall we found out what was nibbling away at our cabbage leaves by and early morning outing. Tonight, set the timer on your coffee maker and tomorrow wake up an extra 10 minutes earlier for a garden walk. Pick a few flowers (or have them picked for you by your little ones) along the way. I promise taking a regular garden walk will result in a much healthier garden. And better mental health for you too.

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