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Harvest a Salad (Day 7 of 30 Days to a Better Garden)

The beginings of a garden salad
Since this is a Sunday, let’s take it easy today and make a salad with what we’ve grown. I think at this point in the growing season everyone in the northern hemisphere should have something ready for a salad, if not lettuce, than maybe a radish or a pea or some sort of terrific green thing to add. Filling your table with things you’ve grown is so satisfying, even if it is a snippet of rosemary for the salad dressing. An early season garden fresh salad gives us motivation to keep going with this crazy garden thing we’ve undertaken.

This weekend, we have pea shoots, amaranth sprouts, lettuce, radishes, a few young carrots, onions and various other edible weeds to add to our salad.

What do you have to add to your salad?


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