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Check in With Your Notes (Day 10 of 30 DTABG)

Now that we are 10 days into the month, I thought it might be a good day to check in with the garden planner and write down some notes. When you go out for your morning garden walk, bring your garden notes and write down little comments about how things are doing, what you’ve harvested so far, what has been a total flop etc. While taking notes can seem like a chore at times, I can’t tell you how much you’ll appreciate them next year. So go ahead and collect your favorite pen and notes and head out.

Today I’m writing down:

  • The Bloomdales Spinach and lettuce that we planted on 4/10 was torched before it matured in a late May heat wave
  • Between the Pea Progress #9 seeds and the Early Frosty Bush Peas, the early frosty were our favorite to eat. Much sweeter
  • The Cherrybell radishes we planted on 4/10 never really bulbed up
  • We harvested all the onions on 6/5 and in the name of succession gardening replanted one bed with bell peppers
  • Our Sweet 100 (we are going with a couple of big name hybrids this year for fun – we usually plant mostly heirlooms, but wanted a bigger quantity this year) tomato is growing the best of all and it already over 4 feet tall.
  • The tomato called ‘Italian Heirloom’ is looking a little limp and is the smallest tomato, but otherwise looks fine.

What are you putting in your garden notes today?

Today’s simple post is due to that fact that I was distracted from researching all of yesterday by my little nephew being born! Yippee!


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