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Garden Cocktail Recipes ~ Let’s Relax (Day 13 of 30 DTABG)

It’s Saturday and I’m hosting a virtual cocktail party so feel free to kick up your heels and relax, okay? I have a stocked bar and I’ve cleaned the low balls and cocktail shaker. What’s your poison? I’m making a mojito with our fresh mint (before it gets it’s annual fry from the summer sun) for myself, but I also have the ingredients to make these cocktails. Just let me know what you are in the mood for and I’ll make it for you.

In case you can’t make it to my cocktail party, here’s how I mix my mojito:

A Sonoma Garden Mojito
Sprig of 6 mint leaves
1 t. powdered sugar
Juice of 1.5 limes
2 oz. white rum
Sparkling Water

Muddle together the mint leaves and powdered sugar in the bottom of a low ball glass. Stir in lime juice. Fill glass with ice cubes. Add rum, fill to just below the rim with sparkling water. Add an extra mint spring for good looks. Kick back and enjoy.
Go ahead, make yourself a garden inspired cocktail. You’ve worked hard all week and you deserve it.


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