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Side Dress with Compost (Day 19 to 30 DTABG)

Now that our little seedlings have grown into full blow adolescence, it’s a good time to add a little boost of nutrients to keep them growing and on their way to full production. The best way to do this is not with fertilizer, but with compost. Fertilizer may provide a quick boost but over the years ends up depleting the soil of it’s nutrients. However compost adds to the soils fertility, by giving it natural nutrients thus eliminating the need for fertilizer. Got it? Pretty cool, that compost stuff. Remember Compost is Proof that there is Life After Death.

Anyway, pull away your mulch a bit and add a few healthy handfuls of compost around the base (but keep it about an inch away from the stem of the plant – you don’t want to burn the stem). If you mix a little manure or grass clippings into the mix all the better. Grass clippings provide an excellent source of nitrogen into the soil. Our peppers that we mulched with grass clippings are growing like bananas. After you’ve ‘side dressed’ your plants, pat the mulch back in place and give your plants a good watering.

Have you given your plants a mid season boost before? Have you seen a difference? What did you use?

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