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Make Notes (Day 20 of 30 Days to a Better Garden)

I’d thought today would be a good day to check in with our garden notes again. What do you have to note about how your garden is growing? I’d love to hear.

Here’s our report:

We harvested the rest of the onions and all of the shallots and the garlic this week. We’ve never grown shallots before, so we are curious to see if we picked them at the right time. They are on the smallish side, but very plentiful. I hope they keep for a while, have you grown them before? We also have enough onions to feed an army. I don’t know what we were thinking when we planted them, but there’s a pretty good bet that if you come to visit, we’ll do our best to send you home with a few.
We also harvested the majority of the amaranth that was growing around the melons. We noticed that the melons weren’t growing much at all. Either it’s the cooler weather we are having or they weren’t getting enough sun because the amaranth was crowding it out. Since we can’t control the weather, we decided to do what we could by pulling the amaranth.
Our two portofino zucchinis are kickin it into high gear and no matter how much we eat, there are still more squash sitting on the counter. Zucchini bread anyone?

The St. Valery carrots that we planted in February are ready to be picked but they are not good. Not good at all. They are slightly bitter and don’t have any sweetness to them at all. Grow fast you Purple Haze, we miss you!


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