Daily Archives: July 15, 2009

Pathetic Peppers

Thank you everyone for the tomato sympathy yesterday. I thought since we all enjoyed lamenting over our green tomatoes that I’d share another garden disappointment: our peppers. Usually we grow great peppers and by this time last year we even had some peppers on the plants, but this year… this year is a pepper disaster. All of the peppers, be them red bell peppers or green, heirloom or hybrid, grown from seed or bought as seedlings are all looking extremely pathetic. We thought it might be just us so we went to the nursery to buy some new, lush green ones, but all of theres look the same as ours. A little yellow, a little shriveled and plain old little in size. Maybe this cool summer has created a bum year for peppers? How are your peppers doing?

And did you see those melons in last years photo (link above)? Geez, ours are barely the size of golf balls now. A slow growing year, this year.


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