How to Make Homemade Deodorant – i love it!

Subtitled: Please Don’t Be a Stinky Gardener

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Around the time that I took the dive into going without shampoo, I found not only the handmade hand lotion recipe but also a homemade deodorant recipe. I was immediately curious about the deodorant because the previous five or so months leading up to that I wasn’t wearing anything for a deodorant, which admittedly maybe was not a wise decision to make in the middle of summer. However, ever since Scott and I have known each other and gotten to that point in a new relationship where you get comfortable talking about such things as antiperspirant, he’s been trying to get me to stop using it. I was always an antipersperant user because I hated the feeling of being sweaty, but I did have to admit that all the correlations made between using that and getting breast cancer were worrisome. Of course it took me a good 7 years to head his warning, but I finally started testing out commercial deodorants that lacked the aluminum of antiperspirants. I tried all sorts from Burts Bees to Tom’s of Maine and some other lesser known brands and all of them made me sweatier feeling than if I wore nothing at all. It was the strangest thing! So last summer I decided to wear nothing at all under my arms and I noticed that I started to feel less sweatier (this is such a lovely topic to write about – yuck!) Anyway, being that it was summer and that I built a picket fence and we had plenty of 100+ degree days, I will be the first to admit that you probably wouldn’t have wanted to stand too close to me by the end of the day.

Now, I’m all for smelling like the beautiful human being that you are, but there’s human scent and then there’s stinky scent. That was what I needed to eliminate. When Amy Karol wrote about her deodorant recipe, I had to try it. I already wanted to buy emulsifying wax from Mountain Rose and now I just needed to order two more things and I was set for making a whole line of homemade body care products. It was easy to make, although scraping out the butters was a bit of a job, but nothing to deter me. I have to say that I LOVE this deodorant and I encourage you to try it! I’ve been wearing it everyday since last November and I’m on my second batch. It doesn’t make me sweatier and I’m stink free all day long. It’s fairly cost effective, at just under $3 a batch, which lasted me about five months.

Here’s how to make the Homemade Deodorant: I’m going to list the ingredients and how to make it with pictures, but you should really click over to Amy’s Angry Chicken to read the exact recipe.

Vitamin E tablets are expensive to buy, I think I paid around $11 for my jar, so if you want to pass on this ingredient I think you can. For the essential oils, I chose a combination of Tea Tree Oil which has antibacterial properties (and if there’s anywhere I don’t want bacteria, it’s under my arms!) and Lavender Oil because I had bought some to make the hand lotion. It turned out to be a really nice combination.
Also as I mentioned, the butters took some scraping to get out of their jars. I basically scraped and scraped and then packed them into the tablespoon measure until I had enough. If you have the chance, make this in the summer when it’s much easier to scrap. This last batch was much easier to get out than the batch I made last November.


Then you simply put all of the ingredients into a microwaveable Pyrex measuring cup (don’t put the Vitamin E Tablets or the Essential Oil though yet) and microwave it for about 30 seconds and then stir. Then 30 seconds again and stir until it’s all melted and combined. At that point I added the Vitamin E and essential oils, poured it into the half pint jar and let it sit overnight. Now in the morning after my shower I scrape out a pea sized amount with the back of my thumbnail and smear on. It has a nice texture so I don’t mind using my hand to rub it in, then if I have extra left on my hand I just rub it into my hand like lotion, which it basically is, right?


Mine kept on the bathroom counter for 5 months before I noticed that it wasn’t smelling as fresh as it used to. I only had a tiny bit left so I felt okay dumping that out and making another batch. Amy suggests making the recipe and pouring half into a container to use and keeping the other half in the fridge, which is a good idea. I found that I got three full recipes out of the shea butter container, which has a shelf life of a year. So you might want to consider making a batch for a loved one while you are at it. Also you’ll find yourself with some left over cocoa butter after making three batches of this, and I’ve found if you add a tablespoon to the lotion recipe it turns out divine! This homemade deodorant, paired with some handmade lotion along with some jars of whatever you’ve canned would make a fantastic, loving and frugal gift!

If you are looking to make this as Christmas gifts, you might want to check out my new Christmas Labels too!

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212 responses to “How to Make Homemade Deodorant – i love it!

  1. I’ve been looking for a new deodorant, but it is so hard to find one that works, that I like and that isn’t insanely expensive. I love the idea of being able to choose the scent because it seems like commercial deodorants always have one thing that I don’t particularly like.

  2. Hi Kendra,
    I want to make this recipe, I just haven’t done it yet. I’d love to use my own deodorant! It sounds great. I found this on the Angry Chicken blog awhile back and I have it posted on the sidebar on my blog (along with many other things I’d like to make!!) so that I won’t forget- the multiple ingredients (and where to get them all) seems daunting, but it looks like maybe it’s not that bad. I think I’ll try it, maybe it will make a good Christmas gift for some friends!

    Thanks for the reminder to get off my butt and make this.


  3. I made your lotion recipe a couple of months ago but with a left turn somewhere as the ingredients didn’t quite blend. I chalked it up to the first time and am nearly ready for my second batch. I’m not giving up. And I’m so glad you posted a deoderant recipe. I’m just running out of my plastic encased brand name product and was wondering what the heck to do as I don’t want to continue to buy deoderant in plastic (not to mention the questionable products it contains). Now I know. Thank you.

  4. Jo

    Greetings and Salutations! I love the recipe! Thanks for publishing it.

    However, I would like to make an additional suggestion, though it may be unnecessary. Stop shaving your under arms. The soft downy hair that naturally grows there (structurally different from your head hair) functions to keep the sweat off your skin in that area.

    I stopped shaving several years ago and started using deodorant (no aluminum salts) rather than antiperspirant. I never felt sweaty or uncomfortable once my “pelt” fully grew in. In addition, I no longer had razor rashes, unexplained itchiness, or many other issues I had never realized were stemming from the hair removal process. Eventually I stopped shaving my legs as well. It occurred to me one day that I was handing out cash money to acquire an implement that took my time, frequently caused me pain and discomfort, and required constant (daily) upkeep and for what purpose?

    After a couple of years I asked my husband what he thought and he said he’s grateful to feel my legs against his skin now. Before, they were more like wire brushes and VERY unappealing.

    I just didn’t like the idea of giving my money away for something that just kept coming back!

    • H

      My husband could care less whether I shave or not and in the winter I often don’t, but in the summer I like to wear skirts and i don’t want to gross people out. I know, I know, be yourself and all that but I do like to show some respect for other people’s sense of decency. You must be blonde so it doesn’t show too much.

      • R

        Other people should have the decency to not care if peoples legs are shaved or not.

      • Ann

        I have never shaved my legs. The only people to ever comment were some kids in junior high 20 years ago. Since then NO ONE has ever said anything. In my experience, most people arent looking at my legs. And the men who’ve touched them have all been pleasantly surprised how much nicer they feel than the average chic’s!

  5. Very cool! I just quit using regular antipersperant too. I switched to the rock salt and even with 110+ degrees I’m still stink free and sweat very little. I’ll save this recipe for future reference though. Glad to know the tea tree is optional. I’m allergic!


    • Aubrie

      Oooo Rock salt? Please elaborate…I’ve been using a coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot, rosemary oil deodorant for about six months now, but recently developed a very painful, very red rash on my underarms. I HATE conventional deodorant and really don’t want to go back, but I want to find something comparable to the effectiveness that I have with my homemade one now. Thanks!


      • Crabkisser

        Aubrie, My husband and I have been using the (rock salt) for about 3yrs. We both love it! I don’t have the package so I can’t tell you what the name is. However, I can tell you that we get it from a “Whole Foods” store. It is a solid piece of (some sort of salt bigger than a golfball and smaller than a baseball) It is “in our area about $7.00” Not much concidering that 2 people use it daily and it last about 6 months. Concidering you do not DROP IT! If you drop it, it will shatter like a piece of glass! Lol, : ) We both have no oder and I sweat less with the salt then I did with Secret. Try it for 2 weeks…It is weired at first, give it a chance….You will love it….

      • Heather

        I use the salt rock / crystal stick as well. It’s great! The brand name that I use is “Crystal.” It’s a purple plastic container. The large one can last me over a year. I get it at Vitamin Cottage, but I’ve also seen it at Whole Foods.

      • That “natural rock” or “salt” that is being discussed is actually made from Bauxite, and that’s a natural form of aluminum oxide. Since the concerns or problems with the commercial antiperspirants seem to be centered around their use of aluminum, maybe you’d prefer to rethink the use of aluminum on your skin, “natural” form of it or not. I really wish products were more forthcoming that it’s Aluminum. “Natural” doesn’t always mean “good.”

  6. Kim

    I use Tea Tree oil as a remedy when I get a skinfold yeast infection (major yuck) so I can hardly wait to try this recipe! Not only will I smell better, but I prevent the infection!


  7. Wow – can you lick the spoon?!

  8. do you think it can be possible to make a deodorant out of another kind of oil as a remedy,?! the i was saying was from a fruit.. is that okay if i use it?? i need ans.

  9. I’ve been using homemade deodorant for just over a month. The recipe I used was just baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil. I added lavender just bc it smells so good. It works so well! It’s fun to see how many others are trying these things, too!

  10. I made the deoderant. It’s wonderful. Better than anything I’ve ever used. Thank you so much for posting about it!

  11. knutty knitter

    I’m definitely into that! I too haven’t shaved underarms or legs for about 30 years. I’d hate to go back there now! I also stopped my so from shaving as it is awful kissing what felt like steel wool. He now gets a trim every month or so and thats it.

    viv in nz

  12. Jenny

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe! (I tried the handmade lotion a while back & its a family favorite!) I was wondering how much tea tree oil & lavander you use in your deoderant recipe? I made a batch this weekend & I am loving it except I think I used too much essential oils…it smells pretty strong! this is the 1st time I’ve ever experimented with the ess. oils though……

    Thanks again for posting this. Its really nice knowing a recipe is recomended because you feel like it’s less of a risk to invest in the ingredients for it

  13. flmama

    Love this blog. I’m not 100% sure, but I think Sam (SamelaX on twitter) sent me here. Anyway, I’ve done the homemade deodorant thing and I hated it. However, I recently switched to using the rock salt deodorant and it is WONDERFUL! It was around $5 and it lasts for a whole year. It doesn’t leave any mess or film on me or my clothes, and you can also use it on your feet. All my irritations under my arms have gone away since I’ve made the switch. (And yes, I continue to shave.) You may want to give it a try! I bought mine off of

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  15. herbaldreams

    I am going to try this recipe out tomorrow. I recently made a batch of deodorant that worked for about 2 weeks and then I became even stinkier than ever before. My partner and I have used it up anyway, but I am looking for something that will keep its composure for more than a few weeks! Hope this is the one.

  16. Jocelyn

    Thank you for this website we have tried a lot of products to help my teenage daughter we will be trying this.
    Thank You

  17. The only problem I have with this method is that it doesn’t seem to completely eradicate the problem of armpit sweat. Is there a way to make this a sweat fighter?

    Btw, it really looks good, almost like candy.

    • CBD

      I just ran across this site, and though it’s 2 years old, I decided to post in case you didn’t get a satisfactory answer before. Armpit sweat is a normal function of your body, and the only way to stop it is to clog the pores with potentially harmful chemicals which is what is found in antiperspirant, which is why folks are advised to switch to deodorant only.

      • Interestingly enough, I use unrefined coconut oil and baking soda under my pits. If I know I’m not going to be too much outside stuff, I simply use baking soda. It keeps you dry because the coconut oil and this recipe will not, this simply keeps the funk at bay. Sweating is natural BUT I hate that sweaty feeling. So if you have an extra blush brush or makeup brush, just lightly tap it into a little container of baking soda and then brush it onto your pits. Easy peezy! Oh and be careful, if you start to sweat too much from homemade recipes, you will likely get a yeast infection in your pits and that’s painful and itchy. So be sure to use tea tree oil in your mix OR start using a light dusting of baking soda.

  18. I Will have to come back again when my course load lets up – even so I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

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  20. Thank you very much for your help, this has been a great respite from the books,

  21. Melissa

    Can’t wait to try this recipe! For all those who don’t shave their armpits and legs! Yuck! I am sorry but that is just too hippy for me. I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2008, all 2200 miles of it, and shaving was the one thing I just couldn’t pass up like many others girls did.

  22. I made this recipe today with a friend and when it cooled it was hard. To hard to use. Is it because it’s so cold right now or did we do something wrong? Do you have any suggestions on how to make it spreadable?

    We both are used to using Funk Butter and thought that it might be a little closer to that consistence.


    • asonomagarden

      Mine comes out hard too, so I use the back of my thumbnail to scrape a pea sized amount off and use that. Once I touch it to my underarms it warms up immediately and is easy to spread. You’ll also find in summer, with warmer weather that it softens up a bit and is even easier to scrape off.

      • CBD

        Because of contamination, which causes the product to go rancid it’s generally advised that you not use your fingers (or nails) to remove the product, but rather to use a spatula. I find putting it into a push up stick container, or old deodorant container works great for applying homemade deodorant.

  23. Bridget

    Wow, thanks! I was an over zealous shaver one day and guess I didn’t dry the pits well enough before slathering on the deodorant and as a consequence, developed MRSA. I didn’t learn my lesson until developing staph 3 more times when I ditched the Dove Cool Cucumber antiperspirant/deodorant to another brand. The fear of developing MRSA again is always nagging me but I just couldn’t commit to using Tom’s deodorant. Like you, it left me icky feeling and going without….Well, you’re more brave than I.

    Thank you SO much for sharing this post! As soon as I can reorder my butters, I’m going to test it out. I think I’m going to substitute the cocoa and shea butter for mango and avocado butter since that’s what I normally work with and love the results.

    Thank you! Thank you!

    As for eradicating sweat…try baking soda. It worked for me while I was infected XD

    • Julie

      Not drying your pits won’t give you MRSA….sharing something (like a shaver, a TOWEL, or a ‘pit stick’??) with someone who has a MRSA infection is the only way that you can get MRSA….
      MRSA can colonize in the nares (nasal openings) and arm pits
      I’m sure it wasn’t the brand of antiperspirant that you used that brought on your MRSA infection… was more likely the sharing that was the culprit.
      Keep your ‘personal’ care items (hair, armpits, groin, feet) to yourself…..

  24. I’m anti-microwave.
    What would be the “stovetop method” or other heating alternative? Does the corn starch need to be cooked so that it becomes ‘smooth’ or is the heating process merely to melt all the ingredients together?

    Please advise – many thanks!

    • asonomagarden

      KalikoKat. Next time I make this I’ll try it on the stovetop. However I would melt the butter just until melted on low heat and then take it off the heat and add in the corn starch and baking soda and stir until blended. Let me know how it goes!

    • Bridget


      As long as you heat the butters and other solids first, stirring frequently of course, then add the carrier oils, vitamin E, and essential oils, you should be fine. I make my solid lotion that way. I don’t use dry ingredients, but in my experience of creating bath and body goodies, so long as you blend dry ingredients into the butters before adding carrier oils, your end product will be smooth and creamy; not grainy 🙂 Hope this helps. An’ yes, do this on low heat in a double boiler..or just stick a smaller pot into a larger pot halfway full of water. That’s how I do it as I’m too thrifty to buy a double boiler for my hobbies XD

  25. Jen

    Great recipe. Cant’ wait to try it. Would it be possible to pour it into a paper towel tube and then just tear down the paper and have a homemade “applicator” Something I’ve been doing o boost tom’s of main is brush a mixture of 1/4 baking soda, 3/4 cornstarch with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in. This helps stops the odor and I no longer feel sweaty at all.

    • asonomagarden

      Jen, you’re a creative thinker. I have no idea how that would work, try it and let me know!

    • Becky

      I believe I read on another blog about someone who made deodorant and put it in a toilet paper roll. The oils began to seep through the cardboard and became a sloppy mess. I wouldn’t try it after reading about her experience, but that’s me. This recipe might work better for that!

  26. Leah

    Just to let you know, most Baking Soda contains aluminum. Unless it specifically says “aluminum free” on the label, there is aluminum in baking soda. You can buy aluminum-free baking soda at health food stores. So, making your own deodorant from baking soda with aluminum is pretty much the same as absorbing the dengerous aluminum in chemical deodorants (with all the breast cancer risks).

    • asonomagarden

      Very good tip Leah! I didn’t even think of that, but you are right!

    • sissie

      Actually it’s baking powder that contains aluminum and not baking soda.

      Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and contains no aluminum.

      We use the arm and hammer brand where I live.

      hope this is helpful!


  27. Hello! I learnt this recipe from here and thought of giving it a try. The problem is I don’t have a microwave oven, so I tried doing it in bain-marie. The sodium bicarbonate doesn’t melt! Do I have to boil it more and more till it melts? I tried several times, any idea of the problem? Thanks

    • asonomagarden

      No it doesn’t melt, you just stir until it is well mixed in and mostly dissolves. I stir mine in after the butters have melted, so if I were you, I’d melt the butters on the stovetop just until melted and then pour in the baking soda and corn starch off the heat. Good luck

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  30. I, too, have been doing something similar. This is the recipe I got from my friend:

    extra virgin coconut oil
    baking soda

    Make it into a gel deodorant consistency. Since its so hot, the coconut oil pours out instead of needing heating. I’ve tried lavendar, sweet orange and peppermint E.O. Definitly experiencing less sweating and it lasts for over 12 hours. I make this up daily in my bathroom. Good luck!

  31. Bonnie Benedict

    My sister and I made your deodorant recipe twice. The first time, we melted everything together as you suggested. The second time we melted the oils and then stirred in the dry ingredients. Both times, the end result was a bit grainy. Does yours turn out the same way?

    • asonomagarden

      Yes, its a smidge grainy, but only a smidge. I don’t think that baking soda and cornstarch dissolve so a bit of grainy makes sense. It should work all the same though.

      • Bonnie

        Thanks! I followed your lead, took a pea-sized amount with the back of my fingernail and applied it. It softened right up and spread just fine.

        My sister and I are having a blast trying out all of your recipes! Thanks so much for sharing.

  32. I use equal parts bicarb soda and kaolin clay mixed with a little cinnamon and essentila oils.

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  34. nivedha


    can i use corn flour instead of corn starch? will there be any difference??


    • asonomagarden

      You can always try, however I don’t think it will work. I’d stick with using corn starch.

    • Kathy Owens

      Certain countries (English ones: Australia, New Zealand, Britain, etc.) use the word “Corn Flour” for what Americans refer to as “Corn Starch.” Perhaps this writer is using that term … and if so, then the products are identical.

  35. I don’t think the tea tree oil is optional; bacteria is actually what makes your armpits stink, not the water your skin exudes as sweat. If you use something with anti-bacterial properties, like the tea tree oil, then you will probably not stink.

    • Nandi

      Tea tree is good, but you can also substitute eucalyptus or sage (be careful with the use of sage if breastfeeding). Both are anti-bacterial as well. I also, depending on the scent I want to achieve, use lavender or calendula. Both are also anti-bacterial. So, in other words, you don’t always have to use tea tree. I’ve been making homemade deodorants for quite some time and have used all kinds of combinations, most with great results once I nailed a base formula.

  36. How many drops pf essential oils should be added to this so that the smell is not too strong? Thanks!

    • Angie Johnson

      I have used this recipe with great success. However, after about 3 months using it I developed a rash under one arm that itches terribly. Any ideas as to what ingredient is causing this? I tried another recipe with arrow root and it was worse. One had tea tree in it and the other didn’t have tea tree so I don’t think it is the tea tree. Any ideas?

      • zmbbn

        I too have used this recipe and loved it but have developed an itchy rash under both arms. Anybody have any ideas of how to prevent this?

      • asonomagarden

        zmbbn, you might be allergic to one of the ingredients. Maybe one of the essential oils? Try putting it on your forearm and see if you have the same reaction.

      • Terry

        Hi…I am new here and am intrigued with all of the homemade recipes. My husband and I both despise anti-perspirants and the problems and concerns with many other “health care” products on the market. We are transitioning to becoming more self-reliant and using more healthful and/or homemade products.
        Having said that, as an RN, there are a few things that I can tell you about rashes, and body odor. Some people can tolerate any kind of laundry detergent, soaps, etc. and never seem to have a problem. Others, myself included, are sensitive to some things…while others seem to be allergic to anything and everything. If you know you have skin sensitivities, test a small amount of any new product on the inside of your forearm and wait 24-48 hrs. before using it on your underarms. Our underarms are far more susceptible to potential problems. This area is protected…doesn’t see the sun and is more sensitive than areas that are exposed to the outdoor elements. But when we shave, we leave “micro-abrasions” or tiny (unseen to the naked eye) cuts that leave our skin vulnerable to the introduction of bacteria that can cause infection. What’s a girl to do? I do shave my armpits, but I try and not use anything on my underarms until any tiny cuts have healed over. In the winter, I rarely need to use deodorant, but summer is another story all together.
        Our armpits provide a dark and often “moist” environment for bacteria to grow. Theoretically, if we don’t sweat, then we won’t stink. Keeping ourselves clean and dry will help to prevent smelly armpits. Some people who cannot use any type of underarm product just have to cleanse themselves more often.Hope this has been helpful info. and I can’t wait to try out your recipes for deodorant and lotion!
        Terry from Texas

      • Shannon

        I have not used this particular recipe but I used one that used coconut oil, cornstarch, and baking soda. I didn’t get a rash in my arm pit but I found that where it had leaked out the side of my under arm I got an awful itchy rash that only went away when I used cream prescribed by my doctor. I had come to the conclusion after a year that it was the deodorant doing it and not ring worn like the docotr told me I had. At first I thought it was the essential oils but I even tried it with none and had the same results. My point is I think it was either the baking soda ot cornstarch doing it. So you may just not be able to use this recipe.

      • CBD

        I too got a rash after I switched to homemade deodorant. From other sites I was advised to increase the corn starch to baking soda ratio. Now I use at least twice the amount of cornstarch as baking powder and no longer get a rash. Try increasing the cornstarch a little until you find the right mix. I just softened the existing recipe to add more cornstarch rather than trashing the current batch.

      • A few years too late, probably, but corn starch encourages yeast growth. I cannot use cornstarch in cooking so have substituted rice flour and potato flour in cooking for thickeners. I also have tapioca starch. I haven’t tried these recipes with any of the aforementioned yet, but will to see what I come out with.

  37. Mary Jane

    Did you mix/stir/blend your lotion and deodorant? Need all steps please.

  38. mary

    This is great – but I have been just mixing cornstarch with baking soda and lavender oil and using it as a deoderant powder -I have been using it quite successfully for months – the only problem is when I try to put on a black t shirt right after applying it, LOL

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  40. Yoli

    Hello, I made this deodorant and put it in an old deodorant container, finally my husband loves a deodorant that I made. Only problem is that is pulls his hair out LOL! not really funny though. I know he wont use it if it was in a jar. Don’t know what is making pull his armpit hair out. Any suggestions???
    Thanks so much,

    • asonomagarden

      Hi Yoli, I was just thinking of putting it in an old deodorant container too. Strange about the hair pulling out! I wish I had some suggestions. Hmm, it might not do that in summer when the weather is warmer and the deodorant stays softer.

      • Yoli

        Hi, thank you for answering back. The deodorant is soft but sticky if it were any softer it would make a mess while putting it on. I don’t know what ingredient in there would be sticky. This is the only one that my husband like. I have made about 6 or 7 types of natural deodorant.
        Any suggestions yet???
        Thanks again

      • Nandi

        The combination of cornstarch and baking soda seems to make it somewhat sticky when placed in a deodorant canister. Since I began adding beeswax, my product has more “glide-on” ability and less of a sticky composition. Avoid if you have allergic reactions to bees, stings, etc.

  41. Yoli

    Hello Nandy, Thanks so much for the tip, I am going to try it soon. By the way, I made the lotion and put it in an old pump dispenser, works great, just added more water to the mix.

    • Paimbia


      I am wondering why not use beeswax if you are allergic to the bee sting? I’m curious because my grand daughter is allergic and I don’t want to give her anything that would hurt her. Does this include making anything such as cold creams with beeswax as well?

      • Nandi

        Some people who experience allergic reactions to bees will also experience reactions to beeswax. I’m not sure to what extent your granddaughter might be allergic, but to be on the safe side, especially if no one has ever exposed her to it to find out, I’d avoid the use. I have a niece who reacts to the wax as well as honey itself. She’s also allergic to the stings. On the other hand, her mother is allergic to the sting, but has no problem ingesting honey or using beeswax.

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  44. Cristina

    Hello, I just found your website, and absolutely love it. This week I delved into crock-pot soap-making, which made me wonder about homemade lotions and other paraphernalia since my husband and I want to live in a more self-sustaining way. I’ve been using the salt crystal for deodorant for years, which is fine for most of the year in the Pacific Northwest, but when we travel to the tropics, or when we have those rare moments into the 80s in the summertime, my kids and husband politely request that I wear deodorant! 😉 I’m looking forward to making this, and I like the tea tree oil and lavender combination with their scents and antibacterial properties. Thanks for the post!


    Can I make the deodorant without the shea butter and just double up on the cocoa butter? I read somewhere that people with severe nut allergies (me) Shouldn’t use shea butter. What do you think? Thanks! Melanie

    • Nandi

      @Melanie: You certainly can substitute with more cocoa butter. Just know that cocoa butter is a bit harder than shea butter, so you may not require as much, if you’re placing this in a jar. I’ve also substituted with mango butter in the past and gotten great feedback.

  46. Hi there! I’m so excited to have found this site and your recipes! I’m anxiously awaiting my shipment from Mountain Rose so I can make the lotion, but in the meantime I was able to get the ingredients for the deodorant. It was super simple to make and doesn’t feel as gritty as I’d expected, which is great! I’ve been using it for 3 days now and I’ve found that it doesn’t take care of the odor for me. Maybe I’m extra-stinky or maybe I’ve got an over-sensitive nose…could be either. I followed Amy’s recipe using everything but the Vitamin E, but I don’t think that would be the problem. Any ideas?? Anyway, I’ve got sensitive {red bumpy} pits, so I still want to give this deodorant a fair shot to see if it improves the bumps. Here’s hoping!
    BTW, I’m planning to make lotion, chapstick and deodorant for my mom, sister-in-law, and girlfriends for Christmas–FUN!

    • asonomagarden

      Hi AbbyWarm, I don’t know why it’s not blocking the odor. All I can advise is that you sit down, relax and not work so hard all day! Have you put in a few drops of tea tree oil? That might help, if you haven’t.

      • Nandi

        lol@asonomagarden: If only we could all just sit down, relax and not work so hard all day! LOL

        @AbbyWarm: She may need to up the baking soda or check her measurements to make sure they were accurate. Just be careful using too much baking soda, because some people do experience irritation. Tea tree does seem to help. Peppermint oil does, too.

      • Ha ha! With a 5-yr-old and a 3-yr-old keeping me busy, I’d love a chance to sit down and relax! I added the tea tree oil and lavender {which I also have been using in my laundry detergent for a year and a half–yay!} I think I must just be extra stinky {grr…}. Although, I have yet to stink today. Maybe it takes a few days for the body to adjust? Anyway, I’ll keep trying!
        I’ll check back in, too, once I’ve made the lotion and chapstick. CanNOT wait for my shipment to come in!

        Nandi, I’ll double check my measurements. I bought little packages of the butters at Hobby Lobby {because I was IMPATIENT! Ha!} that came out to be 2Tbsp each, so I had to do math to figure out the other measurements. Next time, I’ll just follow the recipe to a T.

        Thanks, girls!

    • So, I’m on day #5 {or something} now and I don’t stink anymore! I guess my body just needed a few days to adjust. Weird, but I’ll take it 🙂

  47. Vatrushka

    Hello ! I just wanted to say THANKS for posting this article about making the deodorant. After using the store-bought lady speedstick for some 14 years I have finally decided to make this homme-made deo, it was really easy to make, and it works super !!! THANKS !!!

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  49. This is fantastic! Do you think I could subsitute the vitamin e with a couple droups of olive oil?? Don’t know if it would mess up the consitency?

    • asonomagarden

      Brittany, if you don’t have Vitamin E, I’d just leave it out all together, don’t worry about the olive oil. It will turn out just fine, the Vit E is just an added bonus for your skin.

  50. Yoli

    Well, after finally finding a deodorant that I make, my husband loved this one. I did too, but after using in for a while my husband said it was leaving a sticky film on his armpit. So he said he would stop for a while but never went back to it. Well I kept using it until I noticed my clothes were all turning grey on the armpit. I first noticed this on my back robe, I thought to myself “I have never seen this before and thought I was not cleaning myself good enough but it was this deodorant. Any Ideas of why this is happening? You don’t know how long I have been making deodorant concoctions. Hope you can help.

    • asonomagarden

      Yoli, I found on one of my shirts I had some deodorant build up, but I just sprayed some ‘Spray & Wash’ on it and used vinegar as a rinse agent in the washer and it came right out. And yes, sometimes it’s a good idea to bring a wash cloth into the shower and give your pits a good scrub. 🙂

  51. hickchick

    Has anyone tried putting it in a soap mold? that might be easier to use but it may have to stay in the fridge . . . that’s what I’m gonna try.

  52. Question, do you know what the corn starch and baking soda are for? Just curious.

  53. carjobo

    Thanks so much for sharing the deodorant tips! I’ve tried several of the storebought “natural” types and found the homemade recipe works much better and I love being able to choose the scent (sweet orange and lavender pits – oh yeah!).
    In order to avoid any spoilage issues, I split the recipe between 2 Altoids tins and left one in the fridge, and use the teeny spoon from Trader Joes stevia to scoop out the daily dose.
    Can’t wait to try the lotion recipe!

  54. WONDERFUL Deodorant!!

    Ridiculously easy to make, and SO EFFECTIVE! And, well, I have to say, I did go without showering for a few days and *I didn’t have any smell*.(I also engage in about 1 hour intense exercise a day too.) If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. It’s awesome.

    I can’t thank you enough for putting that up for us. I’m making some for my S.O. to use (I hate how everyone smells like everyone else with commercial-brand deodorants.) with my own blend of essential oils! Thank you again!!

  55. Sarah

    Just a note: Vitamin E oil is available in a 4oz. bottle at the 99 cents store. I don’t think this type is ingest able like the pills, but it should be good enough for topical, right? I use it alone for all kinds of things. Makes a great cuticle rub. Any clue how much is in a pill though for measurement’s sake? Thanks! P.S. Thanks so much for this recipe! I have been using natural products for awhile now and I love them, but they carry quite the hefty price tag! I am happily looking to make my own things from now on. Thanks!

    • Elliyahnna

      Depending on how much gets stuck on your hand, LOL, I have found that approximately 6 capsules of Vitamin E equals 1 Teaspoon. It wasn’t easy, as with each capsule I was getting a little on my fingers. If it seemed liked too much was spilling onto my fingers than I would use 8 capsules to be on the safe side. I eventually ditched the capsules and bought a little glass bottle of liquid Vitamin E 1,400 UI from my local Metropolitan Market. Hope that helped 🙂

  56. Lisa

    Hi! I have made this recipe as well and I was wondering did anyone ever experience an “adjustment” period. I have red areas under my arms where I have applied. I have weird sometime sensitive skin anyway, but I just wanted to know if anyone else experience this or if maybe I need to switch up the recipe a little bit.

    Thank you!! 🙂

  57. Autumn

    I use the rock salt deodorant and love it. I’ve been experimenting with soap and lip balm making recently. Thougth I’d suggest, instead of working to get the cocoa butter out of the container (which is almost impossible in the winter time!) I now buy ground cocoa butter. It comes ground superfine like powder sugar. It’s easy to use and melts quickly. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes. They sound wonderful!

  58. AnaMaria Bruce

    Hello, I am in Guatemala(until July) and have gone cold turkey on shampoo, soap, toothpaste, everything! ha ha need a deodorant…right now I am using limes(ha ha since I heard a cute story that when the poor indians here started coming in from the villages to go to the public schools, the teachers had to take the girls aside and told them to use limes under their arms) it seems to work ha ha! But this deodorant sounds fantastic!) but not sure where to get the butters….but for now can i just use cornstarch/baking soda/olive oil/E.O. until I get home? i really want to try a recipe now! 🙂

    Also, the original recipe doesn’t have how much of each ingredient. I think I might be a bit slow…but how much of each ingredient? 🙂 It is fun to hear all the personal experiences. Egg whites alone on my hair is marvelous and vinegar rinse. My soft hair is coming back finally!!!

  59. Thanks for this post! I plan to try this right away, since I have all the ingredients. I, too, LOVE Mountain Rose Herbs, though I also order essential oils from–very high quality at reasonable prices.

    For those who might want to try it, I have been using a medicated powder (brand name: Mexsana) as deodorant since the mid-1980s; you can get it or special order it from pretty much any drug store. It is cornstarch with some essential oils (such as menthol) and other ingredients, and I have never had any problems, even though I have VERY sensitive skin and I do shave under my arms. I’ve sometimes thought about trying to replicate it, but it is so inexpensive I doubt I’d save any money. An 11-ounce bottle lasts for about two years.

  60. Am I just missing something, or are there no proportions in this recipe? I really want to try it, but I have no idea how much of each ingredient to use.

    It doesn’t seem like anyone else has this issue, so is it just equal parts of each thing? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

  61. Louise

    Love this recipe!! it works great, no stinky mommy anymore, I can mow the lawn, work in the garden and go for a long walk. I used to have a big problem with a sweaty smell and tried all kinds of deodorants. Thank you so much, also for sharing all the other recipes, I have tried most of them and really love it. Thanks so much!!

  62. I’ve been using this recipe for about 7 months now, and it’s still lovely. (It’s also been mercilessly hot here lately, and it still stands the test.) I stink less now than when I used antiperspirants–I can’t explain it, but I won’t question it either. 🙂 I made a batch with grapefruit oil once just to try it, and it gives me a rash if I apply it to newly shaved ‘pits, just so everyone knows. Thanks for passing this on!

  63. Hello!
    I have just started to use baking soda and vinegar for washing my hair and soon, when my order arrives, I will start using all natural soap.
    So now I am looking at some recipes for homemade deodorant.
    But I have some questions related to this one.
    What are the quantities for making it?
    What is the role of corn starch?
    and finally, I am worried that the oils will stain my clothes. How do you do it? Do you apply it and then wait?
    Can’t wait to hear from you!

  64. naima

    What is the shelf life?

  65. I’ve had good luck with it keeping–in the summer, I’d say it lasts 4-5 months until it loses its texture, but I live somewhere hot and humid. In cold temperatures I’d say much longer, maybe 7-8? I know both shea and cocoa butter have a shelf life of about a year.

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  67. I have been using a very similar recipe for nearly two years now and i love it. I just use a little plastic container and a spoon and microwave it for 30 secs to melt the coconut oil on winter mornings. Will be adding essential oils to my next batch for sure.

    • Just a thought if you don’t want to microwave it. My deodorant is in a small glass canning jar and I run hot water in the sink and set the jar in there while I floss & brush my teeth. That seems to be just enough time to get it to a good consistency for applying. 🙂

      • Louise

        This deodorant is amazing!! I have used it since April last year and have given away lots of it. I scrape a little off with my thumbnail and I hold it for 3 seconds under my arm. It is warm enough then to spread.

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  69. I have really enjoyed all the recipes. Thank you for sharing such great useful information. Do you have a recipe for homemade soap?


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  71. Jo

    Why would’nt sea salt water work in a spray bottle?

  72. Stephanie

    I can’t wait to try this! What do you use for toothpaste? Do you buy commercial brands, or do you make your own?

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  74. Eliza

    I have had great success with this homemade deodorant! I have slightly altered the recipe, mostly because I was missing some of the ingredients. Here is what I have found to work well:
    1.5 tbsp baking soda
    1.5 tbsp Shea Butter
    1 tbsp Mango Butter (I think it’s softer than the cocoa butter, makes it a bit easier to put on)
    Vitamin E and Tea Tree essential oil
    This batch has lasted me for almost 3 months. I have not had good success with the Toms or rock salt deodorant, but this recipe works really well! I actually emptied out one of my old deodorant containers and refill it with this recipe–I just melt the ingredients in a pyrex measuring cup and pour the mixture into an emptied and cleaned tube.

    I love your blog and my friends and I have had a great time playing around with various recipes. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  75. Sonia

    Have you tried plain Milk of Magnesia (M.O.M). It’s cheap and it really works! It doesn’t stop the sweat, but it stops the stink. You can purchase plain roll on deodorant bottles like these: Fill it up with MOM, roll on, let dry and you’re good to go. You need to apply it on clean pits once daily.

  76. Canada

    What about an anti-antiperspirant? I’m all for homemade deodorant, but I also need to stop the sweat. Any suggestions?

  77. Hello
    We also made deodorant using cocoa butter as oil, etc. but I have been thinking for ages about finding more sustainable ingredients… we don’t live in the USA but here just like there, cocoa, coconut and shea are also not local and come from abroad. I cannot find local alternatives for these oils… I don’t want to use products that arrive here from far away countries… and there is not a single recipe on the Internet without these oils!

    • Sharon

      use baking soda, you will be amazed.
      Wet finger lay in soda then rub on underarms.
      low cost, no residue, all natural and it really works. once you try it you will not use anything else, will not clog pours. myself and husband use it all the time.
      I know it sounds weird but I found this on you tube by a doctor. check it out if you have doubts.

  78. Sharon

    Did you know that baking soda is a natural antibactrial and makes a great and cheap deordrant on it’s own.
    just wet finger lay finger on soda and apply underarm and wow it works and will not clog sweat glands. my hubby loves it.
    all natural, low cost and it works. also no residue.
    Try it, you will be amazed.

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  80. Jennifer Vance

    Just to let some of the people know who get a rash after using deodorants with baking soda,baking soda does cause rashes for some people.It did for me a few years ago.
    I’m dealing with a rash right now,that is finally slowly but surely leaving.Not sure what caused it,though.Have a few ideas,and it could have been a combination of several things,but don’t know for sure.
    But I was using crystal deodorant spray (that i used before with no problems),and of course since it’s salt it hurt like crazy on raw skin.But I got some grapefruit seed extract and diluted it with Miracle 2 lotion (the rash was usually dry,too),and used that instead a lot.Helped with infection,too.
    I still use the spray when I can,though.
    I was thinking of making a deodorant with coconut oil,grapefruit seed extract,and some kind of essential oil.

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  82. miq

    I just made some! I can’t wait to try it 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

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  84. Hi There! I just wanted to leave a note to let you know what an impact you and your blog have had on my life. I now have my own blog and I am constantly making things and writing about them. I dont have your savy but I enjoy life a lot more because of you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and ideas with us. You are truly a blessing.

  85. Lex

    How much of each ingredient did you use? I want to make this!!! Please include the lavender And tea tree oil! I can’t wait to make this 🙂

  86. Michelle

    I have made a few different batches first i tried 1tbsp cornstarch, 1tbsp BS and 3 tbsp coconut oil i then added tea tree and bergamot oils. It worked great (no odour!) then on day 3 my underarms were a little raw so i decided to make two different batches to try next, So i tried equal amounts of BS and arrowroot powder with 1 tsp of clay and tea tree and lemongrass scent. It worked great for 1/2 days but was very gritty which my other mixture was not, but the odour now returns half way through the day. my other mix was 1tbsp bs, 2 tbsp arrowroot and 3tbsp coconut with tea tree, lemongrass and bergamot and yet none of these are working for me i still have odour which i’m not sure if i’m going through detox from antiperspirant or what? I’ve been trying the method for two weeks now and i’m getting embarrassed that the odour returns midway through the day that i’m sure my work colleuges must be put off by it. I’ve tried reapplying and it doesn’t make any difference although the odour is not as strong as it was before but it’s still there and it does ruin the day for me 😦

    I just dont know if i should try another recipe or just give up on this natural deodrant? I’m also not sure if i need to just use tea tree and not the other oils because my underarms seem darker with the newer mixtures with more oils and that’s another problem i’m facing too. I hope someone could maybe guide me a little as i want to stick with this deodorant so much!!

  87. I love this!! It’s so simple to make and it works wonders!! I work in a warehouse all day and would have to reapply other deodorants but this is great. ^__^ Goes great with the lotion.

  88. Thanks for the recipe! If you have a Trader Joes in your area, they sell Vitamin E Oil (the oil, not in pill form) and I think it’s $6.99 for a decent sized bottle. Just an FYI.

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  90. I just tried this today after feeling creative with candle making. I love this homemade deodorant. I do not have a problem with fragrance oil, so I used Oakmoss sandalwood as a scent and it smells so wonderful.

    I altered the receipe a bit, adding a tiny bit of cocoa butter and couple teaspoons of green tea butter with shea butter. I didn’t measure anything out, but so far its smooth and creamy and easy to apply!

    Thanks for your website/blog. It has been really helpful
    Now I am off to making beeswax lotion!

  91. I also replaced the cornstarch with arrowroot since I do not keep cornstarch in the house. It holds up the same and you need less of it than cornstarch

  92. melissa

    I found that you may be using BAKING SODA that is not ALUMINUM FREE like ARM and HAMMER —would like to remind us all use aluminum free varieties thanks

  93. Ary

    I’ve used a crystal for years. I was so exited to find this recipe. I’ve used it for about a week and this morning I woke up with either a rash or a bunch of ingrown hairs. I’m so bummed! I’m thinking it is just clogging my pours, what is your thought? Thanks!

    • Amelia

      Do you shave? I occasionally get shaving bumps, although much less often than I used to with regular deodorant–ouch! I also usually wait a few hours to apply it after I shave if I have the time. It would be a bummer if you couldn’t use it, it’s great stuff.

      • Ary

        I do shave but not often, and I hadn’t shaved within the week’s time that I tried to use it. It has started to go away and I quit using it 4 days ago. I am so bummed!

  94. Gretchen

    I made this and found that it works pretty well. At the end of the day I do have a little stink on my underarms and on my shirts. I think I just need something that is good smelling to mask that little bit of odor.

  95. marie P.

    Hi. How much of each ingredient should I use?

  96. I’ve been very successful with the salt deodorant…just wetting a giant salt crystal and rubbing it under my arms after each shower…

    • Rose Myrtle

      I’ve used this before and it works. I’ve always bought mine from health stores. Where do you get yours. Can you get in bulk and if not, what’s the name of your brand? Thanks, Kristin!

  97. Myca

    this is awesome fits right in i make my own soap, massage bars, lip balm and solid perfume i have everything for this already lol i have switched afew months back to the rock salt although i dont buy the stick just a squarish block of salt about 2inches works great although my daughter wont use it but im sure she will give this a go as she can make her own scent 🙂 thanks so much

    • Marie

      Massage bars and solid perfume? How do you make that? Sorry I am very new to this and am just curious if you don’t mind sharing. I don’t understnad salt deodortant how does it work?

      • Myca

        and the salt rock either use as soon as you come out of the shower so your skin is still damp or place it under running water for a second apply and your good to go for the day

  98. Myca

    hmm thought i posted the solid perfume recipe but its not showing up 😦

    Solid perfume
    1part beeswax
    1part carrier oil (sweet almond, grapeseed whatever you have kickin around)
    essential oils (depends on your liking really) 15 drops

    if filling a twist up lip balm container its about a tsp of both beeswax and carrier oil

    place carrier oil and beeswax into a small canning jar, put afew cm of water in small pot place canning jar with beeswax and carrier oil inside heat on med-high until melted remove from heat stir in essential oils (i suggest having them ready before hand especially if using blends) pour it will set quick if it sets before you pour dont worry it can be remelted although you may have to add more essential oils .

    this is fun and easy to do imagination is your friend you can use lockets or trinket boxs as well (nothing cardboard) i used a trinket box last time and used 2tbsps of beeswax and 2tbsps carrier oil and about 30-35 drops of essential oil

    some essential oil blends

    orange, vanilla and dragons blood
    may chang (lemon like scent), beramot and ylang ylang
    cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla
    lemon, grapefruit and benzion (benzion is thick may have to heat in water in pot or use a tart warmer 😉

    good way to test scent is to stick a tooth pick in the essential oils you want to use place in a small container with lid leave closed afew min smell if you like use equal parts of each if it needs more of one or something else add another toothpick

  99. Myca

    the massage bars i dont generally use a recipe although i have some wasnt overly fond of the recipes though and it kind of depends on you as well i dont like them mushy like the ones you get at lush or overly oily kind of a guild line

    about a half cup soy wax flakes
    3 or 4tbsps cocoa butter (or shea butter or mango)
    1/4c carrier oil or a combo of afew (i like using a combo of coconut oil which is a semi solid and grapeseed oil)
    1 or 2tsp beeswax
    essential oils generally i use about 20-30 drops
    can add afew drops vitamin E or aloe vera

    remember guild line only i dont measure so not entirely sure test as your doing it

    place soy wax flakes, cocoa butter, carrier oil and beeswax into med-large canning jar, get a med pot put an inch of water or so in it, place canning jar in heat on med-high until melted, OK test now (to test its consistancy i dip a plastic knife in the mixture) let set shouldnt take long a min if its to runny add more soy wax or bees wax if its to solid add more carrier oil, once satisfied with consistency remove jar from pot let sit, while thats sitting mix your essential oils until satisfied with scent or just use one, once the mixture in the jar has a slight film on top stir in your essential oils and vitamin E or/and aloe if using, then pour into molds let set enjoy.

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  101. CJ

    I have used natural deodorants in the past but went back to traditional ones when the natural deodorant was not available. During my search, I never found anything that could keep me fresh. Last week. I tried your recipe with a few modifications. I really put it to the test and it was great!!! I perspire a lot and had to really search to find a traditional deodorant that would last. Believe me, I though that at the first sign of sweat, the protection of the natural deodorant would run for the hills. It worked continuously in very hot temperatures and with rigorous movement. I will never go back! Here are my modifications: used a scented shea butter (cocoa mango) instead of unscented kind and did not use any essential oils since I had the scented shes butter. I also cut the portions down since it was my first batch. One week and I am a satisfied customer!!

  102. Eve

    At the risk of being redundant (since I don’t have time to comb through all the comments!), would another type of starch do? We don’t have anything “corn” in our house, but I do have potato starch, arrowroot, and tapioca starch. Do you think one of those might be used in place of the cornstarch?

    Thank you! I do just love your recipes!


  103. littlefish

    I LOVE the idea of making my own deodorant! This recipe looks like a lot of fun. However, I sweat a lot, even when I’m not doing anything that would normally induce sweating, and hate feeling wet and having armpit circles on my clothes. Several people have suggested baking soda, but does anyone have any other suggestions for dry pits without aluminum?


    • CJ

      Littlefish, I know that sweaty underarms are a problem but natural depoderants are not anti persperants, therefore they do not stop you from perspiring. Baking soda absorbs odor but won’t help you control the wetness. I have noticed that since using this homemade deoderant, I have taking a healthy approach to life by decreasing the amount of toxins in my body. As a result of this, I perspire less. I hope this post helps you on your journey.

  104. Sabrina

    I have a small question: have you ever tried this without a microwave? Is it possible to make? We don’t have a microwave, so I wonder if it’s possible to do it on the stove? Thanks in advance!

  105. Reblogged this on kabukiprincess and commented:
    Oh my goodness I love love love love this idea so much! Everyone should try this out!

  106. Jenna

    I love this recipe- I have been using it for a year now and I have had great results. This is the first natural deodorant that has not left me feeling sweaty/smelly hours after I apply it. I leave out cocoa butter and instead use coconut oil. I also mix in a tiny bit of juice from a fresh lemon- this changes the mixture into a light and fluffy texture which I love!

  107. Ari

    This is going to sound quite ridiculous, especially since a ton of people have saw this recipe and done it but I can’t seam to find the measurements for this recipe.I see where the ingredients list is but not the amount needed.I also was wondering if you thought fragrance oil would work in replacement for essential oils. Thanks 🙂

  108. Ari

    Oops,Sorry I guess I should of read the recipe better, because when I went to go re-read it I saw I was suppose to go to Amy’s angry chicken to find the exact measurements.

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  111. LeighAnn

    I love this recipe, but I have trouble with the oils (I break out in a terrible rash!) unscented/unsoiled works well too. Also I found if you add a small spoonful of beeswax to the recipe it firms up just enough to put into a deodorant stick. Love it! (works wonders for my hubby too, he has a similar issue to coventional deodorant that I had to the oils in this one *sadface*)

  112. Rose Myrtle

    Would it still work if you just add coco butter or just shea butter?

    • DB

      In using coco butter, unless unscented, be prepared to smell like chocolate! Which can be a good thing. I personally would think that either would be fine in smaller amounts. I also keep my deodorant in a dixie cup in the refrigerator and just peel the cup down as i need it! Very nice on a hot day! Also if you dont want to use the beeswax you can try the fridge as well….although it is a bit un-handy to walk through the house just to go to the refrigerator to put on deodorant!

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  114. DB

    I use a home made deodorant recipe. The key is to get away from the aluminum. Some brands of deodorant are tricky as they use another name for aluminum making people believe it is “aluminum free”. I also use an alcohol based spray for back up when i forget my home made deodorant. both work quite well. Salt was used as a disenfectant back in the “ole days”. HOWEVER, research the materials you use for an all natural product.

  115. Tracey

    I am currently living in Mexico, any alternatives to the shea butter. I’m having trouble finding it here.

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  117. F

    How about saving that awful piece of plastic and re-filling it with your own deod? It would be great as long as the stuff is soft enough to turn up the tube. That would save on packaging costs (only for yourself though, lol! – not for gifts).

    Also, the ‘crystal’ rock salt is amazing and you can also get himalayan salt bars. This is all I use and it works great- smell free even after a couple of days. Why not kill odor causing bacteria instead of just covering them up? Just be careful after shaving….yah.

  118. Tammie

    If you throw in a few tbsp. of beeswax and melt it all together you can get a great deodorant that you can pour into an actual deodorant tube and use just like regular. I make it for all my friends and they absolutely love it. Best deodorant ever! And I use arrowroot powder instead of corn starch since we have corn allergies in my family.

  119. Jade

    Where do you get these adorable jars??

    • asonomagarden

      They are half pint, wide mouth canning jars. You should be able to find them in your grocery store during the summer or on Amazon.

  120. Oh my goodness I am so excited about this!!! I am so happy to find your blog, I have been making my own natural products for a while now but never have I attempted deodorant before. Cant wait to try it out Thank YOU!!!!!!!

  121. Emmy

    I absolutely love your blog! I love the idea of becoming as self-sufficient/self-sustainable as possible. Making everyday products from organic, natural ingredients, growing our own food, and making most of what we need is a dream of mine! Recently my sister and I made a batch of homemade laundry soap, and I love it! Next on my list is the homemade deodorant you have posted. I do have a few questions regarding the deodorant: where can I buy 1/4 pint mason jars, and how much essential oil do I use? I’d like to follow your recipe as closely as possible. Thank you so much for all your insight and expertise! I look forward to making several of your handmade recipes! (Especially the beeswax hand cream!)

    • asonomagarden

      Emmy, you can find the canning jars at your local grocery store, hardware store, kitchen store or Amazon if all else fails! I’d use about 12 drops of oil, but it’s personal preference really.

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  124. Stefani wilcott

    Am I blind or are the amounts not listed for the ingredients??? I don’t want to mess it up!

  125. Kayla Kaye

    Hi there, I’d like to add to this recipe if I may. If you add beeswax to your mix that it will help keep the deodorant solid at room temperature. Then you can use an old deodorant container to hold your mixture! Lovely post.. you’ve got a great website here! ❤

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  127. Judi

    I think the purpose of the Vitamin E is as a preservative to prevent spoiling/molding. Probably best not to leave it out. It really is not expensive to use several drops from a bottle of it.

    I really like this recipe as a basic lotion. You can divide the olive oil in half and add half coconut oil, put all different kinds of EO’s in for varied aromas. It is difficult to find a good recipe for a lotion that is not beeswax based! Thanks for this one!

    • Judi

      This post was supposed to be on the basic hand lotion recipe. Sorry. I will post it there also. You might want to delete it here. 😦

  128. Karen Doffing

    To make it last longer I would add maybe a capsule of probiotics. Break it open and dump the enzimes in. 🙂

  129. Liimsy

    Can I use Cocoa butter with shea moisturizer as a substitute to cocoa butter and shea butter? Or is that a no no?

  130. Baking soda is amazing! I’ve been using a baking soda and cornflour mix for two years now and find it great. I smell less when using baking soda than I did when using a commercial deodorant. I’ll have to try your recipe, it sounds good for summertime when you don’t want a visible powder under your arms. Thanks for the post.

  131. i bought your booklet some months ago, looked for the deodorant recipe there and didn’t find it. i see your ingredient list on this page, but not a recipe showing amounts of each ingredient to use. where is the recipe?

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  133. bob

    can you substitute tapioca starch instead of corn starch?

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  136. Taryn

    I’m curious if you have any experience with Lavilin?

    Love, love, love Lavilin! Fantastic all-natural deodorant!

  137. lucy

    Hi I love ur blog but just cant digest the microwave parts . I make my own cosmetics all by room temperatures max in hot watter bath . Dont u think the high temperature will destroy the living beuty of all the ingredients???

  138. Thank you so much for the recipes, they are easy for follow and very clearly written. I would melt the butters ontop of a warm cup of water but i can understand the use use of the microwave goes much faster.Love your blog:o)

  139. Only to say you that your blog is simple beautiful! I love your photos and recipes! Thank you!

  140. Anna

    Recently, I just began spritzing Magnesium Oil under my arms after showering. Previously purchased organic baking soda-based deodorant caused painful rashes on me and other family members. The Magnesium Oil offers an often deficient mineral, plus since it isn’t really an “oil” in the truest sense, it leaves no marks on my clothing. I’m still in the “trial phase,” but so far, I’m liking it as a healthful alternative to purchased or homemade products.

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