The Days of Canning Begin

our biggest tomatoes
It’s been quiet around these here parts, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. We’ve been fully wrapped up in this last part of summer…can you feel slight hints of autumn where you live too? The tomatoes have finally started kicking them out with regularity so we’ve been making sauce when we can.
big tomato, small peach
These shown tomatoes are the largest that we’ve ever grown! Granted this peach is tiny for comparison, but these mysterious Italian Heirloom (that’s all the seed packet says) tomatoes are all weighing in well over a pound each. These combined with the funky ones, a few Better Boys and a handful of Sweet 100’s are filling the copper pot these days.
first season tomato sauce
How about you? We all were struggling with tomatoes earlier this season, are they catching up for you?


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6 responses to “The Days of Canning Begin

  1. No! Most of our tomatoes are still green. I have cherry tomatoes for salads and such a a few small slicers only. Are cukes are coming out of my ears though and have been making pickles. I like this one:

  2. Kris

    Sadly, my tomato plants are showing signs of late season blight! Between that and the grasshoppers our crop of tomatoes looks bleak! 😦

  3. Ours are JUST ripening, but only the smaller ones for now. Every time we find one it’s a fun surprise, so that stage LOL. We have some giants that are comletely green still. I’m looking forward to canning!

  4. My canning is long finished. Tomatoes are still producing; but the size and number have reduced. Any tomaotes left are used for fresh salsa or just plain eating.

    I’m ready to pull them all out and plant fall crops.

  5. Our plants are toppling over from the weight of so many big fruits, but they are mostly still green and trickling in slowly. Sungolds and Sweet 100s and everything else in the garden are producing like crazy though. We have some mimosa tree shade so perhaps that is the problem with our big tomatoes. I can’t wait to be canning!

  6. Yes! Finally! Tomatoes galore! I’m sitting here at the computer waiting for them in the water canner as we speak 🙂

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