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Autumn in the Garden

Sure, it’s not quite autumn yet, but the signs are in the air. Leaves from our valley oaks are starting to slowly turn and fall to the ground. In our back beds, the cooler part of the yard, we have our fall seedlings starting to grow. And oh, what’s that you see? Yes, we laid drip lines this summer! With a timer! We’ve always watered everything with a hose, which takes a good three hours to do! It is exhausting, so setting in these drip lines has been an incredible time saver. And I’m sure a water saver too.
It has made such a difference to get regular water to these carrots and green beans. They were just sitting doing not much of anything with our sporadic hose watering. And now? They are growing like gangbusters.
We have a new long raised bed thanks to our fence that needed to be replaced. We’ve tried buying the expensive redwood 12″ boards for raised beds, but you know what? We like the old fence boards so much better. Don’t know why. In this long bed we have quite the selection of lettuce, pak choy, radishes, beets, carrots and turnips. I wish I could give you exact dates of planting and exactly what we did sow, however I’m not very good at following my own advice sometimes.
The corn is almost ready.
The peppers have finally come around. Remember how pitiful they were? And how bountiful they were last year?
Overall autumn is looking to be good in our garden. How about yours? Did you get a fall garden in yet?


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