We Taught a Little Class

Straw Bale Barn
This past weekend, we did something new. Along with the garden park manager, Rebecca, we taught a class on Winter Gardening at the Sonoma Garden Park. If you are local and haven’t been to this fantastic place on 7th Street East, here in Sonoma, you must go and soon! It is one of our favorite places to go for gardening inspiration. Every Saturday morning they have a Harvest Market in their straw bale barn where you can buy all sorts of produce and flowers. They even have a CSA to join as well.
Inside the Fig Forest - set for a wedding
My very favorite part of this place is the fig forest. It is this large circle of old fig trees that has completely become a room of it’s own. There is only one small doorway in which to enter and then you are surrounded by these ancient fig trees. Saturday it was set up for a wedding. How dreamy.
So we sat at a table much like this one and talked all about gardening in winter here. Things you can plant, tips on how to grow those winter crops. Different garden tasks, such as hygiene, pruning, composting, cover crops and keeping record.
Favorite Books & Garden Journal
Would you all be interested in talking winter gardening at some point? We could do a little week long series if you’d like.
Meanwhile, if you want to see more pictures of this magical place, click here.


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12 responses to “We Taught a Little Class

  1. This looks so heavenly! I’d love to follow along a “class”. We’re getting ready to start our winter garden and I’m always open to new ideas.


  2. winter garden…oh please!

  3. I would love to follow along with a winter class. Winter is a prime gardening time here in Phoenix and I’m just getting geared up for it all…..always ready to learn more. Thanks.

  4. I love, love, love winter gardening here. When I lived in Tempe, I loved it too, but here it’s self-watering and the weather is lovely.

    I actually don’t feel sad watching the summer garden go by. . . it’s just like walking through a door into another lovely room.

    • asonomagarden

      Well put stefaneerer!

      Marisa, what part of Oregon are you in? I lived in Eugene for my four years of college and miss it very much!

  5. marisa

    Just when I though I was over being homesick I read this post! Just moved from Petaluma to Oregon 2 years ago.
    Thank you for my Sonoma fix.

  6. DavidW

    I’m in San Francisco, and have a small backyard garden, so I’d love to hear your winter garden plans/tips. Thanks for this site!

  7. Marlena Hirsch

    I am very interested in winter gardening including growing under glass and plastic. I am going to cover a few tomatoes with my greenhouse to see how long I can have fresh tomatoes. I have grown lettuce all year under glass.

    I hear different things about fall planted peas and cabbage. I may have had difficulties with cabbage last year as it was over 100 degrees shortly after I put the plants in. It may have been the variety I used or my poor soil in the oakwoodlands.

    I would love to hear the dates and varieties that you start fall planted cole crops and peas. I have many questions about winter gardens as I convinced it is doable in this climate with a bit of protection from either glass or row cover cloth.

  8. Hey – I forgot all about this – I was thinking it was later – sorry 😦 How did it go? I stink as a friend for not remembering – I guess it was right around Ryder’s bday and things were crazy. Hope you will be doing more.

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