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I Need Your Help – A Sonoma Garden is for Sale

Front door wreath
I wasn’t going to share this at first because I like to keep some amount of privacy here, but in this market, in this economy, I think it’s time to be a little creative. So here goes. The main reason things have been a little silent around here is that we’ve found a new garden that we would like to tend. It’s still here in Sonoma, but it’s on almost two acres. Two flat, just waiting to be planted acres with a 1950’s vintage house on it. We’ve had our eye on the market for a while now, but we’re very picky. After turning our house and our backyard from the decrepit, funky junky garden into the cheerful (to our eyes at least) place we have, it’s hard to think of leaving. But this new place looks worth it. The potential is limitless in this new spot. More chickens, maybe some goats, a tractor, possibly a natural swimming pond, and I can’t wait to plant some Scarlet Oaks. But we have to sell our house to make this all work.
We’ve been very hard at work tidying up, fixing loose ends, decluttering, polishing, and putting things in their right place and our current garden (and house) is now on the market. And what I need help from you guys is to help us find a buyer.
Jack's new shelf
In this age of social networking and all, I thought it might help to reach out and risk losing a little privacy if that will make our dream happen. And I trust you folks, you’ve always been more than friendly with us. So, if you or anyone you know is looking for a well built house with a chicken coop, large organic garden (we’ll even leave the compost piles if you like), within an easy walk to town and good schools, please take a look.
Spruced up bed, ready for sale.
I know this economy is tough, and this deal might not work out, which is okay. We do love our place, but oh the dreaminess and possibilities of this new place are hard to resist!


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